The Outlook on Lotus.
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Sharing contacts b/t Lotus and Outlook: An associate has been running Outlook for years and has 1000s of contacts organized there. His new job uses Lotus 6.5 and he wants a way to share his contacts b/t each program. Is this possible?

I've read some about the "Microsoft Outlook Connector for Domino" but I'm not sure if it's possible for him to use (he's working .gov now). My idea is that there is some contact management software out there (of which I can't find) that will be the middleman. He has a few hundred contacts he needs to add and organize; he's not sure which machine he should add them on.

The problem may be more of he doesn't want to use Lotus. I have imported his Outlook contacts into his personal Lotus address book (although, that may not be what it is called there) but many fields are lost as well as groups.

Any ideas?
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I've heard of people using a PDA as a bridge between the two systems.
Install the synch software for Outlook on one computer, synch software for Lotus on another.
Synch the PDA with both, and the contacts should move back and forth. I've never done this in real life, so you may have to finesse the settings a bit, but it should work.
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Oh, and Microsof Outlook Connector would allow him to use Outlook as his client connected to a Domino server. He'll have to go through his IT department for that, it's something that has to be made available via the server. Most are pretty leary of supporting Outlook clients.
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