How do I minimalize the output of "Gallery" software?
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I use Gallery for the gallery of photos on my website. It's got a great feature set -- the main reason I don't just switch to a different web gallery app -- but the the code is so bloated that it would take weeks for me to slim it down enough that it would match the minimalist templates on the rest of my site. I think a better solution might be to use a couple of minimalist scripts to go into the Gallery database and pull a customized, minimal version of the output that could then be integrated into my site. Does anyone know where I could download or buy such a script or add-on?
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I've been using Album for years.

Single Perl script, no funky backend. Drop pictures (and optionally, a captions file) into a directory, run album, boom, there's your photo gallery with no CGI backend.
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I've been using variants of the block random code on the front page of website, and also for my 404 page.

Inside that script, you will find exposed most of the functions necessary to display parts of your albums.

Gallery's code isn't as bloated as you might think - it's very OO, and I've found it pretty easily understood.

That said, it really depends on what you're trying to accomplish within the confines of your "minimalist templates".
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