Unsalting food
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Despite years of cooking, I still occasionally over-salt dishes, particularly sauces. Does anyone have any good tips for how to make an over-salted sauce taste less salty the next day? At the moment I have a curry sauce that is good for several applications; but at the moment it is *salty*!
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I've read that cutting up a couple of potatoes and letting them sit in the dish will absorb some of the saltiness. You may want to google further to find out the exact method.
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Yep - a peeled raw potato or two works wonders in tomato sauce - in addition to soaking up salt, it also takes a lot of the acidity out. Also, adding a little sugar sometimes cancels out salt.
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Response by poster: Yes!! So says the salt institute too. Thanks, y'all!

*runs off to kitchen*
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Seems like a waste of good potato, though.
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Too Salty -- Add a couple of pinches of brown sugar. It tends to overcome saltiness without adding noticable sweetening.

...and, in the same spirit:

Salty -- the surest solution is to increase the quantity of liquid without increasing the quantity of salt.

If this isn't practical, try one of the three following techniques:
1. Tomatoes: if it is the right kind of soup, add a can of tomatoes. They are sufficiently bland to use up a pinch of saltiness.
2. A couple of pinches of brown sugar: It won't desalt the soup, but it may help cover up the salty taste without sweetening the soup.
3. Potatoes: Add a thin-sliced raw potato, and keep it in the soup until the slices become translucent; they may absorb some salt from the liquid.

Copied unabashedly from that great garage-sale find: The Something Went Wrong What Do I Do Now Cookbook by John and Marina Bear
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Response by poster: billysaysthis: not necessarily! (One of my favourite dishes btw).
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Carter: I rate that dish too but haven't ever really gotten into home cooking Indian dishes...
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Unfortunately, the potato salt-sucking theory does not stand the test of experiment.
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