What's this thing sticking out of my dog?
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What's this thing sticking out of my dog?

I was giving my dog a bath today and I came across this "thing" sticking out of his side. It's maybe 1mm thick and sticks out about 1cm, growing in the direction of his hair. It feels like how I'd imagine a porcupine quill must feel like. Stiff yet sort of bendy. It's fleshy colored, I think. He really doesn't like it when I touch it or poke around it much.

Any idea what it might be? I'll be taking him to the vet tomorrow after work but was wondering if anyone else had seen such a thing before.
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skin tag?
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Best answer: Could it possibly be a tick. His response is similar to when I poked curiously at the tick I found on my dog. Description is similar enough, too.
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D'oh, that should read "Could it possibly be a tick?" Anyhow, I can't seem to find a picture of a tick on a dog, but the Wikipedia entry has a few images. The one on my dog was shaped like a flattened kernel of corn, attached at the narrow end. It got bigger the longer it was on him.
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Cactus spine?
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hortense makes the most sense. It doesn't sound like any tick I've ever seen. Might wanna get it checked out.
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I'm also with hortense. I've had to pull several thorns out of my dog (once out of his eye!).
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Response by poster: Looked at it closer this morning and it reminds me of a huge hard whitehead, sticking out of his skin. Doubt it's just a giant pimple, though.

Not much cactus around Hollywood that he could get into but that's what it seems like. He is acting like it's a tick. It doesn't look anything like those pictures, though. Maybe ticks mutate into spiny things if they've been in for a while? How long do ticks stick around, anyway?

Thanks for the input, all. Hopefully the vet will get down to the bottom of it.
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A cutaneous horn? Let us know -- I'm totally curious.
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Response by poster: By the way, I don't think it could be a tick because I use Hartz Flea & Tick on him every month.

Unless, of course, it doesn't actually work.
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Any chance of a picture?
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Please update us!
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Response by poster: I couldn't get him in yesterday so I'm trying again today.

Posting a picture... Why didn't I think of that? I'll see how well my cameraphone works when I get home from work tonight. Thanks, all!
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Sounds like a tick to me. Hartz products are not a good choice, the stuff your vet carries is safer and more effective.
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I would definitely recommend using Frontline Plus over the Hartz products. You can get it from your vet, online or at some pet stores.

Keep us up to date!
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I would really love to know what's sticking out of your dog, still.
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For the benefit of future mefi researchers, can we put some closure on this question? (Hope the pooch is doing okay!)
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I must agree with fuzzy_wuzzy. This is the sort of topic that when it appears as a non sequitur in a search must be read on without fail.

What the hell is sticking out of your dog!?
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Best answer: The answer is that it *was* a tick.

Some K9 Advantix and the sucker popped right off. It didn't happen exactly that fast but you know what I mean. I'm never using that Hartz Flea & Tick junk again. (Although their hydrocortisone spray is excellent)

Sorry it took so long to come back with the answer! *sheepish*
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