Help with a Cushing's Dog?
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Our dog has Cushing's Disease. Now what?

After 2 years of odd symptoms (panting, water intake, poop issues), we've finally confirmed that our dog (age 12) has pituitary type Cushing's. (Glad we switched vets!)

The vet is going to prescribe Vetoryl (Modrenal, Trilostane) and do ACTH stimulation tests.

Anything else that we should know? What about trying to buy Vetoryl online?

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I would be aware of SARD. Despite what Wikipedia says, pituitary tumors have not been ruled out. My sister's dog has SARD and has Cushing's-type symptoms (I don't know if she pursued it further).

I don't know about buying Vetoryl online, but maybe make a trip to Mexico?

Good luck!
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Response by poster: Bolognius, he tested positive for Cushing's though. Did your sister's dog? Eeek!
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The medication should make a big difference. You need to make sure he's getting enough nutrition given his limited food intake (and there is a TON of info on feeding cushings animals, just google it). You'll need to clip him as needed because he won't be able to temperature regulate properly.
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I just popped into here to say thanks for this question. I have no answer for you, but this might explain some of the behavior of my Golden Retriever in the last year or so. So...thanks.
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Response by poster: Hey fshgrrl - by clip do you mean cut his hair? We live in So Cal and it is always 65 degrees or so here. We get him shaved twice a year to reduce shedding.
and I googled cushings dog diet/feeding/food and didn't see much. Any ideas?
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I don't know if my sister has gotten to that part yet. What I do know is that we took her dog to Purdue for SARD, and they ("the experts") said that both dogs with Cushings and dogs with symptoms similar to Cushings have been diagnosed with SARD. Just something to pay attention to (as if there isn't already enough, lol).
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I guess I brought it up because it is not conclusively known if pituitary tumors (or a type of tumor) cause SARD (and the symptoms associated with it). It seems to be recently documented as a condition.
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I had a previous askme about this when our dog was undergoing tests; I'm happy to report that he's doing quite well on his medication, and (coupled with an inadvertent change in food that apparently agrees more with his post-Cushing's palette) he's back to a normal weight and doing quite well for a tiny old dog.

However, keep on top of the meds; miss 'em for a day or two and you won't be happy with the results unless you enjoy a suffering dog who's putting on weight rapidly and enjoys peeing on things. Nobody wins in that scenario, so make sure you don't let your med supply run out.
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When my elderly dog started down this route, it didn't take long for the vet to suggest home-made dog food. Can you ask your vet for some recipes?

I didn't make the food every day - I made large batches a couple of times a week and it really wasn't any trouble.
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Perhaps this will help. Check out the other links about Cushings on the top right.
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