How best to share an old booklet online?
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Best way to share a photoalbum? I have an old U.S. army booklet (62 doublespread pages) called "The Punch Below The Belt" from 1944, and I was interested in putting it online for others to see. It's a fascinating, virulently racist propaganda piece about the tactics the Japanese soldiers used in the Pacific theater of operations.

I scanned the entire item & posted it to my flickr account, but then I realized that non-flickr users wouldn't be able to access the "view all sizes" option that makes the text on the scanned images legible. Can anyone suggest an easy alternative (short of getting my own webhost & posting a page of 62 large jpegs) that would allow me to share this old bit of army propaganda?

Oh yeah, just so that no one accuses me of sneakiness, this account is a sockpuppet for jonson, I just used my allotted question for the week and felt like throwing matt an additional five bucks.
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I can offer you webhosting on my server (in profile), and we can use lightbox to display the images. It will be a bit of work but will likely be worth it. At the moment I've got bandwidth to spare.
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Thanks, fake! I'm sending you an email from my gmail account with a link to the files (zipped, via a YouSendIt link).
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As a request, can you guys update this question with the link to the eventual website? I'd be interested in reading through it. Or, better yet, post it in the blue.
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I've been playing around with the new Google web album service based around Picasa. It helps that I have a Gmail account and use Picasa. (I think you at least need to download Picasa and the webalbum might only be accessible in this early stage to people with Gmail accounts.) No tags or fun stuff like that but it is very easy to organize your photos into albums and you start with 250mb storage. There are no "private" albums (protected by password, viewable only by family/friends) but you do have the option of not listing an album publically - a minimal amount of privacy which you may or may not want to take advantage of. I've liked what I've seen so far and you might find it to be useful.

[On actually reading the other responses: sounds like you have both Gmail and a hosting solution. Good luck.]
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Or, better yet, post it in the blue.

I was all "yes, do" then I was all "wait, self-link?". Does that count as a self-link?
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When we get this wrapped up into a neat package, someone can post it for us. Problem solved!
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Or, post it in Projects when it's set up, and then someone will eventually (and probably almost immediately) post it in the Blue.
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"but then I realized that non-flickr users wouldn't be able to access the 'view all sizes' option that makes the text on the scanned images legible."

You could also point FF users to the greasemonkey script that fixes this.
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Slightly (OK, mostly) OT, but have you seen this?
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If readability is an issue, the picasaweb service allows to view a zoomed-in view of the image and drag it around without lag.
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I love for sharing photo-albums. Usually I create slideshows set to music. It's free, but I am not sure you can customize to "view all sizes". It's worth a look though.
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