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I just went on a cruise with a big group of people. We all took photos. We would all like to upload our photos to a common online album. How would we go about doing that?
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Use flickr. Set a special tag for the cruise.
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best way to do this while still keeping track of who took which photos is if you all get flickr accounts, create a group and add all your photos to it. flickr basic is free, you can tag every photo with the persons in them to make browsing easy, you can print photos (either through an online service or at home) and you can make all the photos private so only friends/family/group members can see them.
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3rding Flickr. I like being able to share with friends but still know whose photo is whose.
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Flickr allows you to send photos by email to a specific account as well, if uploading is too complicated for the non-techy types.
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Just throwing in another option: You could set up a free Photobucket account and give everyone the login name and password. There's also a "group album" option.
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What others have said. Everybody create their own Flickr account and upload their photos to their account. Then you create a Flickr group called "Best. Cruise. EVAR, amirite?!??!?!11" Everybody dumps their picture into the group's photostream. It's really, really easy. And Flickr is free, is made for this sort of thing, and has lots of customizable options (including photo uploading tools for Macs, PCs, and all browsers)!
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nthing flickr. also, you can make groups "invite only" so you don't get weird people adding random cruise pictures to your group.
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Definitely Flickr. If everyone doesn't have/want a Flickr account, you can just make one account and pass around the log-in details, even. You wouldn't need a group in that case, and you can tag by photographer to keep things organized.
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If anybody in the group has a .mac account (or maybe even an iPhone, what with the up-date to, they can create a nifty photo album that allows others to post; I find these much more elegant and user-friendly than Flickr.
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