New Year's Eve in New York City
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Not to blatantly copy lychee, but I will be in the New York metro area on New Year's with my girlfriend, and we're not entirely sure what to do for the celebration. I know there's a heavy NYC MeFi contingent, so hopefully some of y'all might have some tips? [more inside]

We don't want to spend a ton, and we probably won't want to go to some random party/bar (unless someone can recommend a nice, inexpensive place that won't be totally booked...hah!). In general, we just want to have a pleasant time without spending gads of money (her current job is up soon and I'm still finishing school).

So far our only possible option has been to try and watch the Times Square proceedings from her 4th floor workplace on the corner of 50th and B'way (Paramount Plaza for those who know the area) but we're not sure how feasible that would be.

If anyone has some nuggets of advice, it would be greatly appreciated :)
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My only advice to you, avoid Times Square on New Year's Eve.
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Not sure what you mean by "spend a ton," but last year we had New Year's Eve dinner at a nice, very interestingly decorated, hip little Dutch restaurant called NL and I think it was only 40 or 50 bucks per person for four courses and a glass of Champagne. Pretty cheap for the quality and in comparison to most NY places.

There's a nice guy who works there named Pieter.

The restaurant's on Sullivan just north of Houston, so there's always a lot to do around there.

There's also Deborah on Carmine Street in the West Village, where they have a similar 3-course deal for $50. We like the place, and the chef, Deborah Stanton, but have not had New Year's dinner there (yet).

On preview, I agree with riffola, we tried to get to a place within the police barricades a couple of years ago and had a very difficult time of it. If you go to the office, I would recommend you get there way early and plan to stay late. Or better, skip it.
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Response by poster: Yea, we don't plan to be *in* the Times Square spot itself--last I checked the barricades were supposed to be erected as far north as 47th, but the office is squarely at 50th and there are subway lines just across the street from it. So I would hope we could get in there without too much trouble...

Thanks for the restaurant tips, lackutrol :) As for our budget, I'm not positive what *she* was thinking of spending, but I would say $50 per person would be around the higher end of what we'd want; however, compared to the prices I've been seeing online, that's pretty good indeed ;)
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I'd bar- or restaurant-hop (and spend midnight itself at a place you like)--9th ave. in the 40s and 50s has tons of places and is outside the cattle-pen zone, or down in the meatmarket, or lower east side there are tons of places...
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50th might still be in the cattle-pen zone...I believe it was last year. You may want to ask your girlfriend to check with her office to see if this will be an option, and if so what time you'd have to be there.

Last year, I bar-hopped with friends along 9th, as amberglow recommends above. We had a great time visiting the Playwright and a bunch of other taverns, hitting Rudy's last, then running out to 42nd & 8th at midnight so we could see the fireworks. (Then back to Rudy's.)

Citysearch has this list of suggestions, FWIW...

Have a good time!
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