Can anyone explain the song "Milkshake"?
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In keeping with the musical theme: can anyone explain the song "Milkshake"? You know, "My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard..."

I mean, seriously: wtf?
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I just read a little interview with's not online, so here's some of it: Is it a cryptic reference to oral sex? A testament to the singer's ample endowment?..."A milkshake is everything that you think it is, honey!" she laughs, admittedly pleased with the track's broad embrace...

I say it's the second definition from kickingtheground's link.
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My brother and I were just talking about that today--a friend just sent me the song a couple days ago, and my brother got the album for my mom for Christmas (she asked for it!)
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According to interviews Kelis has given in a number of magazines it's that special something that makes a woman stand out from the others. Here's an example:

VH1: What exactly is your milkshake, and why does it bring all the boys to the yard?

Kelis: ‘Cause boys are easy! All women have something that they know they can use to play off to get guys, and it’s an attitude more than anything.
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In last week's Entertainment Weekly, the author of an article about Kelis went on record that a "milkshake" is a shimmy, a dance that emphasizes bouncing breasts. I think I prefer that definition -- Kelis is winding us up a little in her interviews, I'd think. Either that, or she has no idea what the heck she's been singing. The lyric is pretty clearly framed as one woman addressing another, first teasingly (damn right it's better than yours!) but then giving her tips on how to be as seductive as the singer.

Now, you can teach someone a sexy dance, a sexy walk, how to dress, but you can't teach someone how to have "that something special." That kind of thing you either have or you don't. Can't buy it, can't learn it, it just is. The song is pretty straightforward: want the same kind of attention men give me? Get out there and shake what your mama gave you, girl!
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