How to find a certain kind of hip hop music?
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I love the song "Zingy Final" (?) by Ak'Sent - I especially love the jungle, tribal kind of drum feel to this style of hip-hop. Every now and then I hear a song like this, but I'm at a loss as to what to search for - can anyone give me other examples of artists or songs to look for that project this kind of sound and feel?
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Here is a link to the video if anyone is interested.

Beenie Man (guest star on this song) is a famous Dancehall Reggae artist. You might want to check out this genre as that is where the "jungle, tribal kind of drum feel" comes from. Dancehall reggae is typically faster, more upbeat reggae style with MC's (usually called toasters) in front of the beats.

That being said you aren't going to find much that sounds like this. Another similar female rapper might be Lady Saw or Lady Sovereign. suggests also Ms. Dynamite, Ms. Jade.

Since you apparently don't know this artist very well (I am guessing you got the "final" version title because you got this off p2p) you could always go buy the actual album. Im checking out another standout track right now.
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Thanks for the lead on dancehall reggae - I'm not looking for exactly like this but didn't know how else to describe what I mean, which is why I posted.

I did get it off of p2p after hearing it on television to see if I liked the whole song. I want to shake my booty!
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I don't find Pandora that great, but thanks anyway.
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