Where Can I, Languagehat, and Davehat Publish Bizarre Triptych?
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Recently, on the "Mary Celeste" Metafilter thread, Languagehat, Davehat, and I spontaneously coauthored (with no prior discussion) a bizarre, surrealist triptych I've dubbed "Food-Based Psychic Spying defense technology in the Cold War - A retrospective". I think we may polish it up a bit, add some bits here and there, and try to have it published - in hardcopy - somewhere. But where? Any suggestions for venues or submission protocol? Thanks.

Hmmm. Slow day.
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And you're going to credit blame me for the original idea, right?
Of course, the Web's Infamous CafePress is now doing paperback books. Does anybody out there have any experience, good or bad, with the process, or does that have to be a separate AskMe?
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How about McSweeney's?
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Yeah, that little spontaneous triadic history lesson was one of the funniest things I've read on metafilter - and it is just the sort of the thing that mcsweeney's goes for. I'd give that a shot. In print otherwise can be tough for short humor pieces - it might be worth submitting it to the new yorker's shouts & murmurs... they sometimes get pretty silly, though they definitely have their preferred authors for the column. Other than that, you can always pick up one of those "writer's market" books - there may even be a "humor writier's market" book. (I'm moving, so unfortunately my copy of writer's market, which is at least a couple years out of date, is at the bottom of a box somewhere.)
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