Recommendations/sources for good erotic writing?
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Recommendations/sources for good erotic writing?

My girlfriend recently revealed to me that she is/used to be into erotic stories, and I'd like to learn more about this topic, to liven up and deepen our sex life. I'd like to improve my dirty talk and my ability to talk about her and my fantasies. I don't know much about erotic fiction, so I guess I'm looking for some direction.

So, please share with me your favorite stories, books, collections, websites, etc. Any academic/critical/analytical writings about this topic are welcomed as well. Also of interest is advice about talking about and sort of creating fantasies before and during sex.

Also, I'm a man, if that information is useful.
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There used to be a good discussion of this type of things on (the m stands for moderated). I would go back into the archives there, from around 1996-1998, and look at some of the reviews of stories. There is a HUGE variety of stories and kinks, so make sure that you learn the codes so you don't end up reading something that turns you off. Read some with your gf so you can get a better idea what she likes.
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Oddly enough, there's a post related to this on the blue right now.
posted by mr_crash_davis at 10:26 AM on March 1, 2008 has a ton of everything. At the very least, it's at least a good place to figure out what you like and don't like.
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Story of O is a classic erotic novel. (I haven't read it yet.)
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I think sex blogs probably have (or link to) more of what you're looking for than old asstr stories, honestly. Sites like Debachette, Reverse Cowgirl, or Violet Blue (who has published several compilations of sex writing) is where I'd start.
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Read Fanny Hill. If you get past the eighteenth-century-isms, it's very erotic, and often well-written.
I bid him come towards me and give me his letter, at the same time throwing down, carelessly, a book I had in my hands. He colour'd, and came within reach of delivering me the letter, which he held out, awkwardly enough, for me to take, with his eyes riveted on my bosom, which was, through the design'd disorder of my handkerchief, sufficiently bare, and rather shaded than hid.

I, smiling in his face, took the letter, and immediately catching gently hold of his shirt sleeve, drew him towards me, blushing, and almost trembling; for surely his extreme bashfulness, and utter inexperience, call'd for, at least, all the advances to encourage him: his body was now conveniently inclin'd towards me, and just softly chucking his smooth beardless chin, I asked him if he was afraid of a lady? . . .
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( text repository)

I recommend browsing the "Collections" section to find a theme you like and then reading those stories.
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Coco De Mer do some good mailorder books. NSFW clickery here.
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Here are a couple of older threads. (One from the 17th.)
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I used to write custom, personalized erotic stories for a website entitled, but the website is now defunct. Literotica is not bad.
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Books: Best Women's Erotica series, and anything edited by Alison Tyler.
posted by Savannah at 3:22 PM on March 1, 2008 -- Classy, as these things go, usually well-written, and something for everyone.

James Joyce's letters to his wife are pretty remarkable. Short excerpts here, google around for more.
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i'm surprised no one mentioned anais nin - delta of venus and little birds are both classic, classy erotica that are hard to put down once started. i found them much easier to read than fanny hill, in part because they're all short stories, but also the writing (from the 1920's i believe) reads pretty much like any other modern author (though anais nin writes better than most, especially in these books)

as you mention wanting to explore this stuff to help make a connection with your girlfriend - for what it's worth, i always thought that, being by a woman author, reading these books kinda gives a bit of insight into the erotic minds of women, without being all ya-ya sisterhood and stuff (it's genuinely erotic stuff that will make you horny)
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I like Nancy Friday's books about sexual fantasy - My Secret Garden, Forbidden Flowers, and Women On Top are collections of women's fantasies, and Men In Love is a collection of male fantasies.

I will also second The Kristen Collection is a good place to start there.
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