Will a Mac Quark File Work Okay on PC Quark?
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If a Quark file is created on a Mac are there any obstacles to that same file being used on a PC?
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Not really, although the naming and transfer methods are critical. The safest way to insure that no issues arise is to name all files with a .qxd extension, and either zip the files or put them in a stuffit archive. PC users will need to download the free stuffit expander from aladdin if you do the latter. When the file comes back to you, it may not be double clickable, as the PC may munge the resource fork of the file. If that is the case, do a "file:open" in Quark and point to the file.
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It also depends on what's in it. You may run into some font issues. Also, I've had trouble with EPS images created on/for a Mac being transportable over the a PC. It *should* work, but TIFF seems to work better if that's an option.
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I would beware porting documents that might have platform specific 3rd party Xtensions at work. I cannot think of anything other than PasteboardXT, but it is something to consider if you are running something interesting. It could be that the effect will just disappear, but it could also be a deal breaker.
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Fonts are always my biggest problem. I used to (on some older versions) get an error if I tried to open (for example) Quark4 Mac created document on a Quark 5 PC. It didn't want to translate versions and platfoms. If you have the same versions that shouldn't be an issue.
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