Timer App?
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Can anyone recommend a timer application?

I'm trying to "get things done" but I tend to procrastinate. I want to find a mini-app that I can use on my PC such that alarms me when I've gone past my time alottment.
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While my requirements were slightly different, I spent far more time than I thought I would have to looking for and trying out timer applications. I still haven't found one that is quite what I want (one was close, but was also very buggy).

In the end, I settled on TimeLeft, which has a lot of different kinds of timers and has worked well for me.

The thing that's missing for me is the ability to stop and start the timer using a convenient keyboard shortcut.
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You might be interested in widgets. If you download the Yahoo Widget engine, from there you can seach the gallery for all sorts of timers and other mini-apps.

I found a timer there that can time up to 5 different things simultaneously. Each can be started, paused, started again, reset, etc.

There are other widget engines out there, but Yahoo has a pretty good gallery of widgets. I think they bought out the popular Konfabulator widget engine.
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I use google calendar - make an event, set a time, tell it to remind me x minutes before said event. Browser pops up a dialogue box when it's time.
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Tons of options at download.com I use the first one on the list - Egg Timer Plus -- and it works very well for me.
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I use the Kirby Alarm Clock because it can schedule all my other tasks and alarms from one program. Might be more functionality than you're looking for, but I really like its interface options and the ability to launch programs at specific times.
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There are zillions of these, but most either suck or cost a dumb amount of money. I finally found QLock which has various alarm options, also timezone displays.
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The one I use is called Minute Timer. It's not fancy but at least it's not written in Visual Basic and doesn't use a thousand different colors of text.
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For Mac's, there's Minuteur. Just in case anybody's looking for the Mac eqivalent.
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