Problem installing program by DVD
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Why doesn't my computer recognize a program I want to install by DVD. I use XP. It happens to be a bible program and my DVD does recognize other DVD's but when I put in the installation DVD for this program, nothing shows up under the "D" drive where the DVD is located. If I go to "Start," "Open" I get a message "Please insert a disc in drive D." I've rebooted a number of times and this does not help. I've called the (bible program) help desk and they sent me a complete new program (free) and low and behold, it does not recognize the DVD? Any ideas' to try? Do you think I have a defective DVD?
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make sure it recognizes another dvd, any dvd.
posted by bim at 11:18 AM on July 4, 2006

try it on another computer too. maybe your dvd drive is busted.
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Are you sure you have a DVD drive in your computer? If it's a CD drive, but the bible software is a DVD, it would do exactly what you're describing.

Look carefully at the mechanism.... many of them will have CD or DVD printed on them. And check your system documentation.

If you do have just a CD drive, you can get very nice DVD _burners_ for like 40 bucks. I happen to like Pioneer drives a lot... they're reliable, fast, and very, very quiet. It should be just a matter of unplugging the CD and plugging the DVD in... it should just work. If you want the burning software, you'll have to install that, but for just reading, you shouldn't have to do anything special, beyond possibly changing a master/slave jumper if it doesn't work the first time.
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Best answer: As bim and malor said: assuming that it's a DVD compatible drive and not an old CD-read only one, find out if it's a drive or disc problem by 1) trying to read another (data/non-video) DVD from the drive, 2) trying the bible DVD on a different computer.

If it still doesn't work, apparently your computer is demonically possessed, and will continue to reject your attempts to exorcise it by installing the bible.
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Call them again. Get another one. Rinse, repeat.

Probably a bad production lot.
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Can you tell if the DVD is pressed or burnt?

If it's a pressed DVD that's not working, flabdablet is right.

If it's a burnt DVD that's not working, then they're probably using media or a drive that's not compatible with yours. Try it in a friend's drive.

If that still doesn't work, uninstall Grand Theft Auto first. You can't have it and bible software on the same PC, it makes baby Jesus gry.
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