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Recently my computer chair (a cheap Office store model) bit the bullet, and I want something a little longer lasting (3 chairs in 5 years), what do you recommend? I'm looking for something like the Aeron Chair but hopefully less expensive! What's out there? (and if I get the Aeron, is it all it's cracked up to be?)
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With all the Business failures in the past 2 years, there are tons of very nice but 2nd hand Aerons on the market in used office furniture showrooms. I've seen some selling for $3-400.

One more reason to vote for Bush!
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It's good for your back, and good for a laugh: the executive bungee chair.
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I'm sitting in an Aeron at the moment and I'm happy to report that, yes, when properly adjusted they are extremely comfortable and very supportive of all the bits that need supporting. When properly adjusted. If you come into an Aeron, make sure you take the time to learn how to tweak it -- these things aren't automatic.
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I just plunked down some saved up cash on a Mirra chair, the "cheap" alternative to the aeron (it's really only 100-200 cheaper, which isn't much), because when I tested them both, the Mirra felt better (it's also got half the controls of an aeron but still feels better). I didn't like the Freedom or Leap chairs at all (the other popular high-end tech geek chairs).
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Response by poster: My ideal would be something in the 200-350 range. It must be my cheap upbringing but I can't fathom those $500+ chairs.
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FWIW, I sat in an Aeron for over a year and disliked most of that time. The mesh seat just didn't agree with my tail, and I hated the hard frame around it.

Have you looked at kneeling chairs? I'm quite fond of them.
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Response by poster: gkostonly, hmm. I think I'd need something with a bit more back support. But next time I'm in an office store, I'll give one a whirl

Mathowie I liked the look of some of the Leap chairs, and they even have one in my range. The hard part will be finding where I can test sit one ;)
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You should look for surplus models of the chair that Chadwick and Stumpf designed before the aeron. The equa chair is widely hailed as very comfortable and a perfectly designed object. It's not a mesh style seat though.
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I'm sitting in one of the cheapo-Aeron chairs right now. It's only got like 2 pieces that adjust. I got it used for pretty cheap.

It rules. It took a long time to tweak to get it right, but since then it's just been a joy to sit in.
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I sat on an Aeron chair for the first time the other day, while attending a two-hour meeting and it was the most comfortable chair I have ever sat on. I cannot vouch for how durable they are or whether they would be as comfortable over a longer period, but I was very very impressed.
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From last July, Slate on the Mirra.
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I've suffered three bad el cheapo computer chairs and at that point decided I was really sick of it. Not having the funds to drop $1000 on a chair, I got a decent chair for E75 at a second hand office furniture store. Much more comfortable than my previous chairs, and although I've only had it for a few weeks it shows a lot less signs of planning to die in the coming years than the others.
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Also vouching for the Aeron chair. Mine's the minimal-adjustment version, and it's quite nice and made of strong stuff. It isn't a giant beanbag or a recliner but it holds its own. The kneeling chairs I'm not so sure about, they're fun for thirty minutes, but then I get antsy and want to spin. If you're shifthappy or as given to weird teenageresque sitting positions as I am, Aeron-like chairs are the better bet.
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I'm saving up for a Mirra myself as well. I like the design of the Mirra more and I believe one can change the colors of the back if you move and need to color-coordinate your furniture (I'm being serious here, don't laugh at me dammit!)
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I don't have a comparitive analysis of the Aeron vs. other chairs for you, but I can say I've been using one at work for 3 years and have had zero back problems during that time. They're incredibly adjustable, very comfortable, durable, and attractive, too. I'd consider it $600 well spent if you plan to sit in front of a computer much over the course of your life.
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