In the Motor City, but without a motor
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Help! We're stuck at our hotel in downtown Detroit (on a Sunday evening) without a car. Is there anything for us to do that we can walk to, or are we just stuck in our hotel?

We already saw Greektown yesterday. We're staying at the Renaissance Center.

We lost a tire to a very large bolt late this afternoon and all of the tire places have closed for the day. (The spare should get us to the tire place tomorrow, but we're not comfortable traveling around on it in the meantime.) Any suggestions?
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Windsor. There's a shuttle bus.
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Well, there's the Hard Rock cafe if you want to check out their Motown display - Campus Martius is a nice little park there. My husband says there's a boat that goes up & down the Detroit River - the Marriott concierge will know if it's running.

We're thinking - trying to come up with something else. Have you had dinner yet?
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BTW - who are "we" - adults? kids?
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We haven't eaten yet. We were thinking about Windsor, though.
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We're both adults.
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The Fox Theater is only 4-5 blocks, but you don't want to be walking there after dark. Hockeytown Cafe has hockey memorabilia.
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What about this? Food, music, maybe a little fun. . .

I'll keep thinking, too.
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So go to Windsor, now, bring your American dollars, they'll love you (the exchange place is probably closed). Make it an adventure.
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Doesn't Detroit have taxis?
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We're off to Windsor. Thanks!
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There's plenty of casinos, I'd also recommend Greektown for a safe adventure. Everything is pretty much centered around Woodward - Comerica Park, Ford Field, the Fox Theatre, Second City, etc. Or Windsor. :)

The Windsor tunnel at the beginning of a weekend night would usually have 21+ year old Canadians coming over the US and 19-20 year old Americans (well, 16-20 really) going to Canada.

The best dim sum in the area, though not a night time thing really, is in Windsor at Wah Court. There's some good BBQ/ribs near the tunnel exit, too.
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Stay in your room and watch 18 miles.
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