9/11 news archive link?
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There's a site somewhere that archives a ton of news video from 9/11 -- before, during and after the planes hit. It's network news, CNN, that kind of stuff. Anyone know where that site is?
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this one ?
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Response by poster: No, that's not it -- there is video there but not video of major news organizations before, during and after the planes hit. None of the links off that site panned out either.

I think I remember this site being specifically an archive of video of network news coverage.
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While this might not help too much, this film does include a lot of archive material. And, um, interesting opinion.
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I think the Internet Archive had a lot of this stuff (mostly newspaper coverage) soon after, but of course now there's too much stuff on there about 9/11. Still, it might help to dig around it - they may have a section on there still.
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Not exactly what you asked but .......
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