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Where to go for the best fireworks in the Bay Area on July 3/4? Which are the best ones? What's the best way to get there / best view? For July 3? July 4?
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Or as we like to call it in San Francisco, "Watch the fog change colors"... Actually, we went to a fantastic fireworks show last year, but it involved an overnight trip to Eureka. Still, if you want to get out of town, it's worth the drive!
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You might consider the Marin Headlands - you'll probably be able to see the Oakland and S.F shows, and probably the Delta fireworks as well.
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Depends on where in the Bay Area you're referring to. You didn't mention.

San Francisco? I like Crissy Field.

South Bay? Anywhere near Great America.

East Bay? Dinosaur Hill park in Pleasant Hill, because you can see mutiple fireworks displays from up there.

Dunno much about the North Bay, sorry.

As with pretty much anything else in the Bay Area, get there early because chances are many other people had the same idea. I used to go to Dinosaur Hill when I was a kid and even 15 years ago it was always *really* popular and got crowded early.
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coit tower - great view of both sides.
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The Chronicle's list of Fourth of July Events. Looks like Antioch and Oakland are out.
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Because the fireworks show in the city is so crowded -- anywhere with a half-decent view is utterly packed with people -- the last several years we've been watching the Oakland show. For a couple of years we went out on the estuary in a dinghy and got right up to the restricted water around the Jack London Square launch site. That was a spectacular view to say the least.

For the last two years we've gone over to a large, open area on the Alameda side of the estuary which is not very crowded and is about as close to the launch site as you can get on land.

"Looks like Antioch and Oakland are out."

What? I'm not quite sure what that's supposed to mean. The Oakland article says only that a bunch of illegal fireworks (mostly of the annoying kind that a certain group of people set off in the middle of the street at about 3am for months after the Fourth) were confiscated, and nothing about the civic show. Likewise the Antioch article says only that a house burned down.

I'm not sure how either event rules those towns out for viewing a fireworks show.
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my favorite 7/4 fireworks displays ever are in Sonoma. they do them in a huge field behind the plaza. seems like it goes on forever, and you can get so close that pieces of the cardboard shell casings float down on you. have to bring your own refreshments, though.
crissy field is great, and you can get a beer, but it's a hassle to get there.
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A few years ago I had a great view of the Berkeley, SF, (and if I walked to the other side) Oakland fireworks in the lobby of one of the view restaurants on Nob Hill. I think it was the Fairmont.

It was odd to look down to watch fireworks. The pianist in the restaurant was playing some romantic standard but quickly went into a patriotic medley once the fireworks started.

It got a bit crowded in the lobby, but people were pretty cool about taking turns at the front of the windows.
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on a boat off fisherman's wharf. never done it, but always thought it'd be pretty damned cool.
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Do not go to the top of Twin Peaks, on the theory that you'll be able to see all of the various shows that way... you'll end up on top of the clouds and see nothing. At least, that's what happened last year, maybe it'll be better this year since it's been so hot.
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In SF I like to go by the Aquatic Park and sit on the hill below Fort Mason. It gets very crowded but if you go early there are some great spots, near enough to *really* enjoy the show. Up on Nob Hill, or anywhere not close by, fireworks are just tiny lights. (4th not 3rd)
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Come to Bodega Bay!, we have fireworks this year and great spots for viewing.
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