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I can't stand the oily feeling of lotion! I've been using aloe gel, but in the heat and dryness of summer, it just isn't enough. Slightly

All of my searches have come up with moisturizing gel for the eyes and such, but I'm looking for a substitute for body lotion. I can't stand the residual oil slick feeling of lotion and I love how aloe just seems to sink into my skin, but, as stated before, I live in a hot dry place and its just not doing the job. Any suggestions for miracle products?
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Have you tried the Aveeno oatmeal-based lotion? It doesn't feel oily at all.
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Wait, are you asking for an aloe product ONLY, or non-greasy lotion of any kind?
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I have similar issues with the oiliness. I've like Cetaphil (somewhat pricey) and Corn Huskers (it can feel a bit gross/sloppy when it's first applied, but it dries quickly).
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The greasy feeling is what kept me from using lotion for years, even after I moved to New Mexico.

I used to use the body cream from Bath & Body Works. Specifically the Cucumber Melon, which has a nice fresh, not overly fruity scent. I still keep this to use on my lower body and am still very happy with it.

A little over a year about someone turned me onto L'Occitane Hand Cream. It contains 20% shea butter, but don't let that scare you. In any other product I've hated shea butter for it's greasy feel, but it works wonderfully here. Rub it in and within two minutes your skin will be silky smooth, but not greasy. It's one of my guilty pleasures, but it's so insanely worth it's insane price.
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Crabtree & Evelyn also make a great hand cream - I got a free sample when I ordered a shaving brush from them. Wouldn't work as a body lotion, though.

It's not a moisturizer, but seeing as how you're in "a hot place": have you tried the new Neutrogena ultra-dry-sheer matte-whatever-it's-called sunblock? It's supposedly completely non-greasy.
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I find cocoa butter products to be really nice, as well as the Aveeno already mentioned above. Going on the cocoa butter feels like a little too much, but once it soaks in i really like the feel of it. (FWIW my husband says the same thing as you about most lotion, and he likes the Aveeno.)
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Go with the Norwegian Hand Cream by Neutrogena. CVS even makes a generic-- again, a bit oily for 2 minutes, then poof, it is gone and your skin is excellent.
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Another vote for Aveeno. It drives in a minute or two. It's the only thing that really heals my skin in vicious upstate NY weather. I'd avoid heavily perfumed stuff too -- which can be an irritant.
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I like Cetaphil. It comes in a big tub, is non-comedogenic and has no oil in it. It feels great on your skin, I use it on my face every morning.
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It's slightly spendy, but I really like ShiKai lotion--it's really moisturizing, but amazingly odorless and greaseless. It absorbs almost immediately. They have a great hand lotion too. (As for Aveeno, I've tried it, and true, it isn't greasy, but after it dries I feel like I'm covered in... something.)
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I'm interested in the science behind these products..

What we are really talking about is a mix of water and oils of various viscosity, and perhaps some other properties. Skin doesn't really absorb significant quantities of oil, does it? Okay, I won't ask any more questions, I think I have put my foot in it far enough already.

Seriously though, I'm sure it would help everyone to try and understand the principal behind "the moisturizing process"..
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Keil's instant body rub.
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I've found that Vaseline Intensive Care lotion is good, Eucerin is waaay too greasy, and anything expensive and/or smelly does absolutely nothing.
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Complex 15 is my favorite pick. I have dry and sensitive skin that's also oily, so my search for the perfect moisturizer has been long but now fruitful. Cetaphil is too thick and greasy for me, Complex 15 is so light. I strongly prefer the cream over the lotion as it's thinner; even though the cream is intended for the face, I use it all over. The link goes to where it's found for 7 bucks at
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Another Aveeno with oatmeal vote.
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Another vote for Kiehl's. Go to one of the stores and ask for a sample to take home - they are very generous with samples because they know how good their products are and they know you'll be back... ;-)
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I have to echo the suggestion for the creams, aveeno in the tub rather than a lotion in a pump bottle. MUCH MUCH nicer and they feel like they work better to me as well. I guess theres stuff in the pumpy ones to make them loose enough to actually pump and thats what makes them feel icky or dry out too quick

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As a long-time eczema sufferer, I know lotions and creams... and this Stokolan cream from Germany is wonderful stuff. I swear by it. Not at all greasy, smells great, absorbs fast.
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Oh yes, and moisturizes well for quite a long time.
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you might want to try a combo of in shower body moisturizer (oil of olay and caress both have them and it's like conditioner for your skin; you coat yourself in a light film of the stuff after you use soap/body wash and then rinse off...would help avoid the greasy feeling) and cetaphil for spot treatment of parts that are still not soft enough for you (cetaphil because it's not greasy at all but very softening).
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