Taste in olives as a metaphor for an unhealthy relationship.
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There was a movie or TV show where a a guy hated olives and his girlfriend/wife loved them (or maybe vice versa), and at some point one of them made that a metaphor for their relationship and its failure, or something along those lines...anyone remember what I'm talking about?

Bonus points if you have a transcript of the relevant dialogue...
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Best answer: I think it might be an episode of "How I Met Your Mother"
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Best answer: "Olive theory" played a part in the pilot of the show How I Met Your Mother.
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Best answer: found in "How I Married Your Mother"
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Best answer: Yep, the pilot of "How I Met Your Mother." Which I coincidentally just watched last night, since it finally premiered in Australia. The Alysson Hannigan character liked them; her fiance (the guy from Freaks & Geeks) hated them. So they formulated the theory. But actually, the fiance secretly liked them but had told her on their first date he didn't so she could have his olives, and then he was always afraid to tell her. But by the end of the episode he did, and she said they'd "make it work."

(Incidentally, the show wasn't *that* bad... but the laugh track is just ridiculous. As was Doogie.)
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Best answer: There's this bit from How I Met Your Mother.
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I think it might have been "How I Met Your Mother", but I'm not sure. :)
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wrong again antifuse!
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