Who sings this song?
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Help me identify the artist of this song. It's labeled as "Imposible" by Jose Gonzalez, although the only Jose Gonzalez I can find info about online is a different Swedish songwriter. Mp3 enclosed...

I've uploaded it to RapidShare... http://rapidshare.de/files/24502467/Jose_Gonzales-Imposible.MP3.html
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It's possible a mislabel of "Imposible" by Odilio Gonzalez. Allmusic.com also lists loads of Jose Gonzalez's, some with varying middle names. I would try searching there.
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This guy?
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Thanks fire&wings, that's him!

On an unrelated note, Odilio is the coolest name ever.
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Glad you got your question answered, I can now add that it's an awesome song without being completely unhelpful!
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On the off chance that you'd like to hear Jose Gonzalez (who is not singing your song), there is some here. Just FYI, he was born in Sweden but is of Argentinian descent.
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I'm familiar with Jose Gonzalez actually, I like some of his too. If you're a fan, you should really check out the Bravia advert that features his music. It's beautiful.
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Glad you found it....the Swedish Jose Gonzalez is mince, and his advert song is a lame cover of a very good song by a very good Swedish band called The Knife. Apologies if you knew that, but many don't. Gonzalez' latest single is a Kylie Minogue cover.
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