Securing an air conditioner in the window
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I live on the first floor in a city. Now that summer is finally here, I want to know if anyone has any ideas on how to secure an air conditioner in the window so a potential thief cannot push the air conditioner in the house or pull it out of the window in order to break into our apartment. I would prefer not to put a grate over the air conditioner, and, if possible, I do not want to drill into the windowsill.
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Best answer: Window units are designed to have screws go through the side of the unit and into the frame of the window. The screw holes are accessible by removing the front grill.

If you have single, double hung or slider windows you could design a moulding to fit into the tracks of the open window that leaves just a large enough hole for the A/C and then screw the A/C into the mouldings.

PS: when mounting a window unit make sure there is a slight tilt towards the exterior so that condensate drains to the outside rather than to the interior.
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Response by poster: Making a molding seems like a great idea since I have metal windows that slide up, but I am wondering if the screws (or wood) would be strong enough to withstand a heavy push or pull from the outside.
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Ask yourself if it would be any stronger than the glass that is normally there.

If not, then it is not going to be a significant change. If so, I have seen people who actually have bars mounted around the outside so that pushing it in gives them no more access than they would normally have.

Or, you could always electrify the frame, if you don't mind fried bluejays.
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I fit a piece of wood from the top of the windowframe to where the lower window slides up. I basically do this because I'm paranoid that the window will fly up and the AC will fall out, but it would also prevent someone from opening the window as well.
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Response by poster: slavin - good response about the strength of glass. I am going to mae a moulding for the window this weekend.
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