Mondll.dll, anyone?
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Do you know what mondll.dll is and why it's causing me a headache?

I'm having problems installing new USB devices on my laptop. The found new hardware wizard rolls along fine until it gets to a file called 'mondll.dll' and then it all goes horribly wrong.

It appears to look for the file in windows/system32/ then reports that there was a problem installing the device, an error occured during the installation, and that the data is invalid. I've looked and there is no file on my computer by that name, which makes me think it could be a simple job to fix. But I can't find the file on the internet (it's not, for example, listed on

So far this has happened with a bog-standard Belkin hub and a Palm T/X. I've tried them in two different USB ports and got the same results. I'm running XP.

Any ideas what my problem is, please?
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maybe this? (last post)
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mondll.dll is a dynamically loaded library that is part of the USB Root software installed with XP. You could try deleting the USB Root in Device Manager, restarting the machine, letting XP discover new hardware, and reinstall files from your installation media. But if you are having USB hardware problems, or your USB chipset isn't being detected properly, you could also be getting this error, as the dll isn't being called. Although you say you've looked, if Windows Explorer is set to defaults, it won't display system files, and thus, this file may be on your machine, but "invisible." Or, it may have been corrupted and unable to be found or loaded, as you report, by random disk errors.
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Thanks paulsc, that helps a lot. I know just enough to be able to say with confidence that the file's not there, hidden or otherwise, but that's about the extent of my knowledge. Think I might bribe a friend to help...
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I'm not so sure it's an XP component. I have a perfectly working XP SP2 PC with functioning USB and I have no such mondll.dll anywhere. It sounds like it part of the driver for the specific device you're trying to install.
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