Why doesn't Opera work for me?
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Why doesn't Opera work properly for me?

After the lengthy thread on the Blue about the new Opera, I'm really trying to give it an honest shot. On OSX everything works fine. On linux, there's a couple of problems, one of which is a showstopper.

1) Google maps and google mail don't work at all. I suspect all AJAX sites have a problem, since digg.com show/hide comments triggers a reload of the whole page. Javascript and Java are enabled.

2) With adblocking on, I keep getting text like
in place of the ads. How do I get rid of it?
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Gmail doesn't support Opera. You should be redirected to the plain HTML version of the site -- if not it could be because you have the user-agent spoofing enabled. You'll probably have to live with the plain HTML version or go without.
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No, I don't even get a plain HTML version of google maps or mail - it just doesn't load. And to be honest, even a plain HTML version of google mail is reason enough to stick with Firefox.
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There must be something funky going on with your particular install. I can't replicate the problem and have not been able to find similar reports.
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I use Opera 9.0 on Linux and apart from the chat it works just fine. And that is the full version, not the plain HTML one. Also, I don't have user-agent spoofing enabled, changing it does nothing. Google Maps work as well, but the calendar doesn't.
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I had to use the instructions here to get it fully working with contacts and chat. So it appears that google doesn't acknowledge that Opera 9 can handle their javascript. Calendar support is still highly buggy.

Still, you should be able to at least get the html-only page.
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I used to get similar problems before I upgraded to Opera 9. Now everything works fine (haven't tried enabling Gmail chat though)
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I've played with Opera pretty extensively over the last few days. It's incredibly fast and wonderfully compliant at rendering html/css, but it's Javascript support seems to be still be badly broken. At least 75% of ajax-type sites simply don't work at all. (And by don't work, I don't just mean "refuse to try to work" - I've tried masquerading as Firefox and gotten the same results.)
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I updated my Opera 8x to 9 on Windows XP. When it starts it asks whether I want it as my default browser, and if I press yes, Opera disappears and idles in the background until I kill its process.

From what I've read while looking around the net for a solution there are many people who havn't been happy with the quality of this release.
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