play that funky music at my wedding on long island
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Help me hire a great wedding band in the NYC area.

I'm getting married next June in Bayville, NY, which is about an hour east of NYC on Long Island. We've been looking around on the web at wedding bands and wedding band agencies; unfortunately we live in Boston and can't make it to any of these bands' 'showcase nights' to see them in person.

So: any MeFites been to a great wedding with a great band lately? Or had a great band at their own wedding? Our main thing is that we want to dance - a lot - at ours. We're not so into melismatic R&B vocals, but otherwise anything goes. Thanks!
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We had a good time in southern CT with the Joe Holmes Swing Band - the median age of that group must be 65.
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The Touch played at my friend's wedding and were incredible. I was truly impressed when they started playing Radiohead during dinner.
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(not that i know anything about weddings or their bands, but i recall another askme question on the topic that suggested using regular event bands instead of wedding bands, because the fees are lower and the bands often had a bigger repertoire within a group or certainly across groups... might be worth looking into...)
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I'm a professional guitarist living in NYC, and I've worked with and/or know a number of people in wedding bands. Drop me a line and I'd be glad to give you more info (email in profile).
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