So many colors.... please help me choose!
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I need help choosing corporate colors for my small business. Please help!

I'm about to redesign my website, and I need help picking colors. As you can see, since my logo works so well in black and white, the current site uses black, white, and grey a lot. I'm looking to get into something nice and modern for a color scheme, and hopefully add some color to my logo, as well as my web site. Given my company, logo and website, does anyone out there have suggestions for two colors I should use?
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I've had pretty good results using this: ColorMatch
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Dark pastels lend a classy, conservative touch, which may match your logo well.

If you go with a brighter pastiche, consider going with B+W and two-color versions of your logo.
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The general reccomendations I see from 'color consultants' are to use dark pastels of blue and yellow. Those colors lend credibility and depth to a smaller business.
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I think a marine or French blue looks nice with black and gray. Here are some examples of blue, black, and gray together. Check out FunkyCoolBlue and simplyBusiness.
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