Nova Scotia cell service
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Nova Scotia cell service: I am taking a trip to Nova Scotia next week, and no one seems to know if Sprint cell service works there. Anyone had any experience with this?

For bonus points, does anyone have any spectacular hidden locations (like this one) that we shouldn't miss?
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Sprint roaming in Canada
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Response by poster: Awesome. Clearly I cannot navigate sprint's site. Do all/most US cell providers work in roam? My girlfriend has Verizon service, any idea if that's the same deal...
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I'm pretty sure that all the majors will roam at least to the digital coverage in Canada. The older analog service is more iffy.
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Do all/most US cell providers work in roam?

I have Cingular, and can't get voicemail notifications, or send and receive text messages in Canada. Also, it costs roughly $1 per minute.
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Don't expect your cell phone to work in the interior of the provincial parks (eg Kejimakujik). It's spotty.

For bonus points, does anyone have any spectacular hidden locations (like this one) that we shouldn't miss?

You may want to pick up a copy of Michael Haynes' Hiking Trails of Nova Scotia (Goose Lane Editions).

Tips in this thread and this thread. Plus, Destination Nova Scotia is a pretty handy website to know about.
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I have Verizon. Where I go in Nova Scotia (Parrsboro vicinity, but more rural Cumberland County) there is decent cell phone reception, but there is roaming.

The Ship's Company Theater in Parrsboro can be fun. Spencer's Island Spencer's Island area is also nice. For a few years now there has been a good restaurant at - very fresh ingredients, lots of character, live folk music some days. The Driftwood Beach in Advocate Harbor is an interesting phenomenon - crazy amount of driftwood accumulates. There are some nice cottages for rent right on the beach - I think they have to be reserved early, though. And Cape Chignecto is a cool provincial park in Advocate Harbor - beautiful forest and hiking along high cliffs. The lighthouse at Cape D'Or has been converted into a B&B and a restaurant that is open lunches and some dinners. I've had some great dinners there - very fresh seafood, sort of gourmet, gorgeous views. And in Advocate Harbor town, right next to the gas station, you can get great baked goods - pies, donuts, breads - Warren Brown is the baker, assuming he's still in business this summer.

Nova Scotia is lovely. Enjoy!
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