Best approach to wireless network for iMac g4 (lamp) and eMac
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macfilter: What is the best way to create a wireless network between my eMac and iMac g4 (lamp) without using Airport or Airport Express?

(I have considered an airport card from ebay or elsewhere, but I awant to avoid this, if possible) My eMac is the primary computer with my Internet connection. I just acquired a used iMac g4 (lamp) and for logistical reasons cannot run a cable from an ethernet hub to it. I need to go wireless and I want to get it right. This will be in my house. After some research, it seems that a wireless ethernet bridge is the best way to go. I will likely order online (.ca). What is the least painful and most effective setup? I am prepared to spend up to $200 if needed to get this right.
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getting it right is an airport card. They're properly integrated into the system, for one thing. Anything else you do will be a waste of money.
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Can't you just run a network cable between them? I know that entirely not what you're asking but it's loads cheaper and easier to set up.
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Buy a wireless router with more than one ethernet port. Plug the cable modem into one, the eMac into the other, and buy an AirPort card for the iMac. This saves you having the eMac on to use the iMac, and should be within your budget.

Apart from a few PCI and PCMCIA cards (Power Mac and PowerBook only), there are no worthwhile non-AirPort wireless solutions for Macs. There are a few USB adaptors, but they tend to have such crummy drivers that you'll regret it instantly.
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I second cillit bang—that is the orthodox and easy-to-do setup. Apple sells its "airport extreme" (802.11g) cards for $79 — it's not clear whether your computer will work with this (2003+ "luxo" iMacs accept the extreme card, 2002 don't). A wifi hub will cost $50 or so. You don't need to buy an Apple-branded hub, but you do want the Apple-branded card.

It would also be possible to install Airport cards in both computers, and use sharing to let the unwired computer piggyback on the wired computer's connection (in effect, using the wired computer as your wifi hub). This would be more fooling around on the hardware side, probably no cheaper, and you might take a bit of a performance hit on the computer sharing its connection.
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Thanks all for your advice: I have decided to go with the Airport card for the g4 to start.
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