Help my mom identify this film before insanity drives her to starts spam the front page with youTube links
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Help my mom identify a 1960s film based on a Guy de Maupassant short story.

Mom is trying desperately to recall the title of a film based on "The Necklace", a Guy de Mautpassant short story. Mom swears up and down that the female lead is Ingrid Bergman, but a look at her film listing on IMDB reveals nothing that fits the bill.

A synopsis of the film, to the best of Mom's recollection:

The protagonist and her husband are invited to an extravagant gala, but the lady feels that she would only embarrass herself without some appropriate jewelry. She accepts an offer from a wealthy friend to borrow a beautiful necklace to wear to the event. The woman loses the necklace and then struggles to replace it, only to find that the necklace was a cheap fake and that all of her labors were for naught.

Has this run any bells, Mefites?
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The French title of the story is 'La Parure', and the film is 'Stimulantia' (link).
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Thanks very much, beniamino- Mom's super happy.
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