Good magazine about Money for younger people?
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Good magazine about Money for younger people?

I am 25 and live in the US. I have been reading some financial/business magazines. I was wondering if anyone knows of any magazines that are about money and investing for people who are younger or else just getting started in investing.
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I am in my early thirties and have really enjoyed subscribing to Money Magazine. Good financial advice, tips, and general financial and most of the articles would apply to the general 20+ crowd!
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There aren't any magazines geared specifically towards out generation (that I know of), but I'll second the recommendation for Money Magazine and also recommend Kiplinger's Personal Finance and Smart Money magazines. Don't let the boomer-oriented "how to retire" headlines scare you off, all the advice in these mags is applicable to everyone!
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Thats kind of what i have been running into, a lot of How to retire stuff.
I know that since i am young i can take more risks but i want to get to know more about investing so i can research potential buys myself. I found This but i am not sure how good or bad it is.
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Business 2.0?
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I second Business 2.0...

also, FatWallet might be of interest to you.

but, FWIW, i'd buy a money mag targeting that age crowd!!

"Mo'Money" ?
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I've been subscribing to Money for a while now, and it's full of great personal finance advice. If you'd like a deeper undestanding of how businesses work, major industry trends and the people behind them, you might like Fortune. It's been knocking my socks off recently. I'm in my 20s and don't think either is particularly targeted toward me, however.

Online,'s money channel has a wide array of columns. Some are silly and fluffy, but others can be quite useful. I also really like
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There isn't really a good money magazine geared at young adults.

I think Young Money sucks. It's too busy focusing on popular culture and trying to be "hip", so that it offers very little financial advice.

The big three — Money, Smart Money, and Kiplinger's — are all fine in their own way, but they offer general financial advice aimed at a wide target audience. There's always a little bit for everyone in each issue.

As an aside: you shouldn't let retirement articles scare you off. In fact, you should read them avidly. You'll find that starting to save for you retirement now is one of the best financial moves you can make. Boring, but true.

You might also consider checking out personal finance blogs. I write one, but there are others out there that might be more applicable to your situation. I cover some about investment, but that's not my primary focus.
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Financial blogs are pretty good, like jdroth's financial blog. Another one I encountered was Nevilles's Financial Blog, more post about making money, however on occasion some good tips.
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Jumping on this question - hopefully not a derail, though - can anyone break down the pros and cons of Money, Smart Money, and Kiplinger's? Are any more substantial than the others?
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Each is good in its own way. To truly learn which is best for your circumstances, you'll probably need to leaf through a few issues. Check your local library. Or if you have a geek friend like me who subscribes to all three, check with him. Actually, if you'll e-mail me, I'll check to see if I have any old copies lying around. I wouldn't mind just mailing them off for you to keep.

Personally, I think Smart Money is heavy on the investment side of things, with little practical advice for the rest of personal finances. Kiplinger's could be the better of the remaining two, but it's just not as well put-together.

But, really, as I say: it depends on you and your needs...
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There isn't a need for a magazine for young people because what they need to do is so simple.

Save 10% (at least!...15% is better) of what you make first. Before the rent before the mortgage before the beer (pay yourself first) and dollar cost average in a pre-tax account IRA or 401(k)....33% Large cap growth, 33% small cap growth, 34% international stocks. Forget about it ...never touch it except to increase savings....and you will be able to retire comfortably in you mid to late 50's.

The financial media serves only to confuse and distract....they need subscibers.

read: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and The Richest Man in Babalyon
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Not entirely responsive, but there used to be: Penny Power, which evolved into Zillions, which then died in 2000. It still has some of its articles online at Zllions, it appears.
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