Help Me Find The Sesame Street "Sugar Beet" Song
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I am looking for an MP3 or video clip of the old Sesame Street song "Sugar Beet" but google and youtube are failing me. It featured background kids going "Beet beet sugar beet beet sugar", etc. At the end it featured a man dipping his finger in a vat and as he tastes the resulting goo he says "Sugar!" and the kids sing "BEET!" loudly. Does anyone have a copy of this?
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I have it on MP3, but not with me.

However, I will have it in late August.

Can you wait?

And, as a note: I found it online in 1999 and have never seen it since.

It is one of my favorite SS songs... although it is no ladybugs' picnic.
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I remember this! I'd love to hear it again myself.
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Thank you. It took 20 years to get it out of my head, and now it's back.
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I didnt find that particular one but i did find a ton of media...

Sesame Street Sound Archive

be sure and check out the links at the bottom of the page too!

Tons of Youtube Sesame Street clips

That was fun I feel like I am six again!
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K8t... ladybug picnic
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sorry k8t trying it again...ladybug picnic
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on a similar note, anyone remember the milk clip??
the song just repeated milk over and over again....I think a baby was crying for milk and the film showed the milk production process from farm to processing to bottling to finally being delivered and baby stopped crying. It was a catchy lil ditty. **sniffle**
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I also like the song about everyone needing to go to sleep... remember that one?
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anyone remember the little live action short about a cattle dog, with the song "i'm a dog, i'm a workin' dog, i'm a hard workin' dog"? I loved that one. and "it's a rainy day"... wow. sigh...
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I NEED the song where the girl sings "I'm a baby ga ga goo goo bop bop bop..."
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Yep, stavx, that's another one that really stuck with me. And when my son started asking for "milk", I had to sing three lines from that milk ditty like some sort of OCD habit.
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I always get too excited in Sesame Street threads and don't preview.......k8t, Everybody Sleeps mp3 courtesy of the Sesame Street Archive linked above by meeshell.
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A bright, shiny nickel to the first member who can find the Monsterpiece Theatre “Twin Beaks” sketch!
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