Looking for 70Kids TV Show called Vegetable Soup. Basically, Sesame Street on Acid
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I'm desperate here. I need to see an episode, any episode, of the old children's TV show called Vegetable Soup. A basket full of carrots and cauliflower to anyone who knows where to find video of this show, either on disc or online. Preferably online. Does anyone else remember this show? It was on in the mid-70's. I've looked on YouTube and other such sources, but there must be something I'm missing.
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This auction is selling three episodes of the show. Fairly reasonable price, but it's VHS. Looking at completed past auctions, there have been some sellers who have tried to sell the entire series on DVD, but no bidders. You could try contacting those sellers and asking them to relist? Good luck!
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The Wiggles - LCAW - Vegetable Soup [ToonGal].mpg

The Wiggles - LCAW - Vegetable Soup [ToonGal].avi

The Wiggles - Little - Vegetable Soup [ToonGal].avi

Maybe these? I didn't down load them to look but judging from their size, they are no whole episodes.
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This guy claims to have one episode on tape and he's willing to trade. His whole site has some very funky 70's PBS memories.
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THe wiggles are from the 1990s/2000s.
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Thanks, all. Yes, Wiggles are recent; Vegetable Soup, the TV show, was from the mid-1970's.
I will find what I want. It may just take time. No instant gratification streaming video or easy download, but I will see it again. It's only been 25 years or so.
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Should your name be Sir BoBoMonkey Pooflinger III, Esquire? Or is Esquire actually a name, rather than a title?
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You might want to check with the folks who made it (per TV.com) - the New York State Office of Educational Television.
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Dear god, I need to see this show again too!
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I've been looking for this for ten years.
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