Does anyone know what happened to the SubPop musician Eric Matthews?
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Does anyone know what happened to the SubPop musician Eric Matthews? His last album was released in 1997, and he seems to have completely disappeared. (more inside)

I've done some googling, but there aren't very many sites out there on him, and the Subpop page seems to be broken at the moment. I know he makes an appearance on a few albums as a side player (trumpet, mostly), but I haven't been able to find any info on whether or not he's still making his own music.
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I don't know why he stopped putting out records of his own but he's played (trumpet and other horns) on albums by Dandy Warhols, Ivy, and, this year, Brookville, Andy Chase (ex Fountains of Wayne)'s solo/side project. He may even be a formal member. I'm not sure.
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oops, didn't read your followup. Um, email the brookville people. Perhaps they have an email contact and you can ask him yourself.
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That Cardinal record with Richard Davies was great.
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I once made the mistake of asking Richard Davies about Cardinal. "I don't talk much about that" is the last thing he said to me.

I too miss Eric Matthews albums. I have a hunch his perfectionism and low album sales made it unfeasible for a label to bankroll his studio time, but that's just speculation. I'll have to hunt down his guest performances.
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