Looking for copies of the Sleater-Kinney Live Vault bootlegs...
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Back in 2009, Sleater-Kinney.net hosted a collection of 176 live bootlegs of the band; it was stored as eight zipfiles collectively known as "The Live Vault". (archive.org shot of the Live Vault page.) Since then the site has gone offline and the recordings seem to have disappeared from the Internet. If you have copies or know who to speak to about them, I would greatly appreciate any pointers.

Unfortunately, the music doesn't seem to have been stored in archive.org, and I deleted my own copies of it ages ago in the foolish expectation that it would still be around. My current plan is to dig through the archived forum posts here in hopes of finding a working contact &/or troll around reddit threads until finding someone who archived them. Do any of y'all have a hot lead?
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Go on Soulseek and search for the collection name or any of the specific ZIP file names. Since it was freely provided, it would be fine to seek it out, and Soulseek is one of the best places to find rarities unavailable elsewhere.
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Grooveshark has a few.

God I miss those girls!
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Best answer: The Live Vault is a compilation of each song S-K recorded live, over the years, from a variety of bootlegs. This is not an official release, and only posted to a now dead S-K fansite. This was compiled by at least one fan.

Per the archive.org link, this bootleg compilation was compiled by someone with a uniquely capitalized username, MadTIGERmaN. If you click on their MSN Messenger link from their forum post with the tracklist, they have an email address. Also, googling their nickname + sleater produces recent posts from them on another forum (Jan 2013).

I'd suggest dropping MadTIGERmaN a note to see if MadTIGERmaN kept a copy. I'm hoping they'd be flattered.
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Response by poster: I have contacted MadTIGERmaN! He is going to hook me up. All props to all answerers. In fairness, I have to confess that I did not see enfa's answer before, uh, emailing MadTIGERmaN, but my research was about 50% more slapdash.
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Response by poster: Just to add a rider to this question, since people might see it later: I have the bootlegs! If you are interested in getting your hands on them, memail me.
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