What do I plant?
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What type of trees/shrubs should I plant?

I recently posted a question about my dogs destroying my cedar trees, and was unable to save them, even with all of the great suggestions. I don't really want to go back to the cedars because of the dogs. I had eight trees, evenly spaced around my deck to add some privacy from my neighbors. Now my dilema is what do I plant in their absence? I had 6 foot cedar trees and I would like to have something with height, but relatively low maitenance and cost if possible. I live in the lower mainland of BC if that helps for weather and soil conditions.
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I recently planted serviceberry trees in my yard and they've done really well. The ones that I have are in clump form. They have beautiful white flowers in the spring and tasty berries that are great in waffles. They also need no maintenance and only get to be about 15 feet tall.

They aren't evergreens, though, so you wouldn't have as much privacy in the fall/winter.

Another option might be holly trees - they have kind of prickly leaves which might deter your dogs from damaging them.
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Coolest trees ever:

sequoiadendrum giganteum pendulum

Arborvitae would be cheaper and more reliably grow straight to provide privacy, however.
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Response by poster: I've seen one of those sequoiadendrum giganteum pendulum trees before on Vancouver Island. The people who own have managed to shape it to look like a 50 ft sasquatch...pretty cool
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