Web-Based Technology Roadmap Application Needed
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Web-Based Technology "Roadmap" Application Needed but it doesn't need to be specific to technology information; it could have been created for the fashion industry, for all I care. As long as the data can be changed.

Background: My team at work handles pretty much everything that affects the internal corporate desktop environment. This includes client hardware, operating systems, software, etc. I've inherited an Excel-based "roadmap" document that someone came up with a while back. It shows what is currently in place, along with what we expect to be coming down the road. A spreadsheet probably seemed like a good idea at the time, and might have even been farily effective for a little bit of data, but it's a complete mess now.

Here is a massively simplified example of what it looks like (sorry about the dead space here... not sure how to get rid of it):

Fiscal 2005
Fiscal 2006
Fiscal 2007

Dell X
Dell Y
Dell Z

Desktop O/S

Office 2000
Office 2003
Office 2007

I'm looking for something to replace it, and have been focusing on web-based options -- Flash and Java, mostly -- for accessibility and flexibility reasons. It would be nice to have something that defaults to a pretty high-level view, with very little detail. What I'm envisioning is that you could click on any particular aspect and get more specific information about said aspect. Ideally, the thing you click on would enlarge to show more detail, and the everything else would shrink but still stay visible and remain accessible. Even better, if you clicked on a heading to an individual row or column, that entire row or column would behave in the same way.

I've looked and looked, but haven't been able to find any kind of off-the-shelf kind of solution. I'm almost to the point of learning Flash to get this done, but I'd rather save the time if someone has already done the work. (Always wanted to learn Flash, but my time is limited at the moment.) Not even sure if Flash is the best solution for this, to be honest, but it seems like a decent fit.

Any help that anyone could provide would be great!!
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