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I need to find audio clips of RUSH LIMBAUGH from the period after he went deaf and his voice began to sound different. The change in his voice illustrates the fact that one needs to hear one's own voice to keep it "tuned;" it isn't just permanently wired in your brain. The same thing is true of song birds, too. Thanks!
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I need to find audio clips of RUSH LIMBAUGH from the period after he went deaf

You mean, like, now? Couldn't you just tape it?
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not what I need. here's the story:

1. There was Limbaugh's voice pre-deafness.
2. Then there a period when his voice quality changed (because he was deaf and couldn't hear his own voice.)
3. Then he got a cochlear implant, and some of his hearing back, and his voice more-or-less returned to normal.

I can easily get 1 and 3. It's 2 that I need. The time frame is roughly sept-oct 2001.

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If you [shudder] pay money to Rush Limbaugh, you can access his mp3 archive.
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[shared sudder]

I'm doing this for research purposes.

Now, would this be a legitimate NIH research-related expense?

(Just a joke, there, just a joke.)
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that archive only appears to be the last month anyway...
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I recall listening to him in this period one day, when he came back from a break and said listeners had gotten in touch with him to say that it sounded as if he were suffering from 'heavy-tongue syndrome' which they, the listeners, were worried could be a premonition of a stroke.

I was struck by his unconcern, and was surprised he would talk about this, since I thought there clearly was something wrong with his articulation.

This isn't all that helpful, is it? Good luck, and I wish i could see your study!
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Maybe..... ask him?
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