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Rufus at Carnegie Hall. Were you there? How was it? And if you weren't there, did you read online an especially good review? Thanks.
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I see no one has responded yet... I didn't go, but my friend did and he said it was an incredible show, just as much because of the audience as the performance itself. His description of the show pretty plainly matched the review I read on drudgereport the other day, but I don't remember where it was from.

Apparently Rufus hadn't successfully memorized all of the songs as well as he could have, but drew many standing ovations. His sister's rendition of Stormy Weather was apparently one of the best parts of the night.

Anyhow wish I could offer you more, but since I didn't go, my opinion isn't worth that much. I'm galled that I didn't get to see this show, but can wait for the dvd.
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The NYT review here called him a "hero" for even staging such a concert but chided him a fair amount for his voice and for not being totally prepared (sorry, can't find the free version I read the other day). In the Baltimore Sun, they were even more unkind, saying that Rufus wasn't fit to wipe Garland's ruby-red slippers.

But yeah, I didn't make it either. Apparently, also according to the articles, the audience was all over-35, well-heeled gay men, and I'm not over 35 and definitely not well-heeled.

In my experience with his other concerts, though, Rufus, bless his heart, ALWAYS fucks up all his songs live.
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The Telegraph was less-than-sure in their review, but Rufus won them over in the end.

"But the most telling moment came at the end. As an encore, Wainwright performed Every Time You Say Goodbye with McGarrigle on piano. The song was not one of Judy's.

There was no orchestra, no risk of imitation, no weight of expectation. As Wainwright sang, the audience held its breath. Finally, the man who would be Judy emerged from her shadow shining like a star."

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Response by poster: thanks everybody
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I wasn't there
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