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My wife and I have two computers and are looking 2 player online (or offline) games that we can play together for fun.

Can you recommend some sites that have games for us? We like games like Family Fued, Jeopardy, Cranium, Apples 2 Apples and so on. Just as long as it's fun and simple we're "game" for it.

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Try www.itsyourturn.com. My wife and I have a long running series of scrabble games going (called Jamble on the site). It's turn based, so you don't have to both be on the computer at the same time. They have lots of different games. Be careful, though. If you use the free accounts and you login to 2 different accounts from the same computer, they'll lock one of the account for 7 days (which can seem like forever when you're only one or two plays away from winning).
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Your wife, eh? I suppose Counter-Strike isn't an option. Yahoo games has a nice selection of digitized classic board games and the like, all free and open to anyone. Hell, you could even team up at cards (spades is always fun) against another couple.
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I second yahoo games. Try literati, it is like scrabble
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Settlers of Catan rocks!

This game is the best parts of Risk and Monopoly merged as one. You will love it.
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Homeworld might be fun.
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An immensely fun game, but a huge time-eater, is World of Warcraft. It's a massively multiplayer online fantasy game. You can play on the 'good' side(elves/dwarves/humans/gnomes), or the 'bad' side(orcs/trolls/undead). It's quite complex, but the learning process is a lot of fun, and it's quite gradual. You start out with characters with just one or two powers, and you're given new powers as you advance. I know a number of married couples who play this together, and have lots of fun with it. It's team-oriented and absolutely pure crack up to about level 40... it gets slower and more grindy after that.

If you want to play together to start with, choose the same race of character, so you start in the same place. If you choose different races, it can be anywhere from a few hours to a few days before you're strong enough to get across the hostile wilderness to play together. A classic pairing would be a priest and a warrior... the two backbone elements of a 5-person team. As you advance, when you need extra people for particular adventures, with a priest and a warrior you can add just about any kind of character and make it work.

Another fun one is Puzzle Pirates, which is also a massively multiplayer game. In this one, you're playing a pirate, one of thousands on the Midnight Ocean. When you start, generally you'l sign up as crew for an existing captain... you 'work' on the ship by doing puzzles. Each person has a different responsibility, and your skill at the puzzle will have a very real impact on how well the whole ship fights.

You'll make money from your seafaring adventures, and gradually you can buy better and better equipment... bigger swords, cooler clothes. If you save up lots of money, you can buy a ship. Or, you can buy a merchant stall on one of the many islands scattered about. If you get REALLY advanced, you can even own your own island and charge rent to people who own shops there. (That takes an immense amount of skill and time... you have to coordinate hundreds of pirates to attack and take an island, and then hold it. )

So you can play it on a lot of levels... from a simple, fun, time-waster, up to practically a way of life. :-)
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Hey thanks for all the great suggestions. I LOVE WIII and WoW however my wife can't get past things like Scattegories, Family Fued, Wheel of Fortune and other games like that.

So I'd need something that she'd like to play (online me and here player board game types)

thanks again!
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Yeah, puzzle pirates... I've recently found Scorched3D that I am enjoying immensly. (Networked, online).
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I've never introduced a person to Tetris Attack that didn't love it instantly. It's a SNES game, so if you're not concerned with the trivial matter of obtaining and using a ROM and emulator, then it could work out. You can play networked, or on the same computer.
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Tetris Attack is relatively hard to come by these days in cartridge form, but a game I've heard is similar in most respects is Puzzle Fighter (street fighter + tetris). I've never played it personally but I've heard from other TA addicts that it's similar. It would also be relatively cheap to pick up a Dreamcast or SNES and buy some of the older quirky games (Dreamcast has about a million, I just got done playing some chu chu rocket at a friend's place), and they're all a blast. Good luck finding some you like!
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Manos, you can download and play Puzzle Pirates completely free....you don't have to pay unless you want the more advanced stuff.

Many women like that game A LOT, so if you can lean on her to give it a try, you both might be surprised.

If she doesn't like it, you're out no cash at all.
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Several of my friends, including myself, are addicted to the multitude of games on pogo.com.

They have all of the popular card games, board games and puzzle games plus some casino and action games.

There are lots of free games but if you get a membership, you get access to premium games. It's definitely worth it IMO.
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Oh! I forgot. It's not a computer game, but take your wife to Best Buy and have her try Guitar Hero. (It's usually on display, because it's selling like CRAZY.) You use an undersize plastic 'guitar' controller.

You 'play' the notes of songs... the music score streams down the screen toward you. You have to hit the right buttons and 'strum' the guitar at the right time. As you do this, your onscreen character parades around the stage, and reflects how well you're doing. If you blow it and miss a note, you'll hear a squeal and/or silence, rather than the guitar lead in the song. Do too much of that and the crowd will boo you off the stage. If you do well, though, they'll cheer wildly... and you gain star power. You invoke star power by holding your guitar vertically (yes, seriously!) at which point the crowd goes crazy and you get loads of points. If you get a good overall rating on the song, you get money that you can spend on various things, like new guitars and new songs.

This is somewhat like many of the music games, but for some reason, this one is just more fun than any of the others. It's amazing how much it feels like you're really playing the music, even though it's so much simpler than a real guitar.

Almost everyone who plays it, likes it. If either of you were ever into classic rock, it's an absolute must-buy. You can buy a second controller and play together, which is why I'm mentioning it... but I think you'll have a lot of fun just handing the guitar back and forth.
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Thirding Puzzle Pirates. I got my wife a subscription for her birthday, and she loves it. I made a free account for myself so I can occasionally jump online and play against her. As noted above, you can download and try for free before deciding if it is right for you.
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YINSH is an excellent two-player game that's a souped-up version of Othello/Reversi. You can play it either real-time or play-by-email at biskai.de. They also have PÜNCT available. It's a little more involved than YINSH, but still fairly easy to learn.

You Play It has a great little game called Cartagena.

There are a few good sites that have just play-by-email German-style games. With these, when it's your turn, you get an email. This might not be what you're looking for if you're both sitting down to play a game at once, though.

Mabiweb has three games that can all be played with two: Samurai, Hansa, and Richelieu. Spiel by Web has six different games, three of which are playable with only two. These games are a little meatier, but Tikal is quite easy to play after you've gone through a few rounds.

And if you're feeling a little more adventurous, there are some non-English sites with a bunch of other similar games, like Boiteajeux, Yucata, and the fun-to-play but hard-to-navigate BrettspielWelt.

A bunch of other PBEM sites can be found listed here.
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My husband and I enjoy Boggle, which you can play online, too, either against one another or together as a team against everyone else.

We also enjoy Carcassone: The Castle, which is a cute 2-player game where you put down tiles to build roads and towers inside of castle walls.

BoardGameGeek has a fantastic thread about two-player games that focuses on couples and bringing interests together; I think you'll get a lot out of it.
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If you choose different races, it can be anywhere from a few hours to a few days before you're strong enough to get across the hostile wilderness to play together.

I feel compelled to correct this. A gnome / dwarf pair or a troll / orc pair start in exactly the same area, so the above does not apply.
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My wife and I have really enjoyed Lego Star Wars (for PC) together.

The new one is supposed to premier in just a couple of months, which gives you plenty of time to get through this one a few times before starting on the newer adventure.
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