Cheap tickets, without the lineup?
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In an effort to avoid spending half my trip to NYC in the line-up at TKTS, I'd found the site, for discount theatre tickets. Problem is, I can't find much info on it, and I'm nervous i'll be handing my credit card number to some nefarious entity. Anyone have any experience with the site, or, alternatively, another recommendation for avoiding long TKTS lines?

On the side, if there are any recommendations for other non-theatre things for my solo, female, late-twenties torontonian self to do alone at night in NYC, I'd love to hear em! (I'm not really one to go to bars/clubs by myself.)
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When are you going to be in NYC?

During the summer theres all kinds of stuff to do, but a lot of it is "on This day there's X"
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Stub Hub
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If you want to see a play, not a musical, look for the semi secret plays only line. Most people are lining up for musicals and the play line is surprisingly short.
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Response by poster: TTIKTDA, I'll be in NYC next week - from wednesday afternoon, until saturday afternoon.
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Best answer: I'm not sure about that site -- but I'm pretty sure they are just going to get their coupon codes from this site:

I've used them before and they either give you a coupon code that redirects you to (broadway's legit ticket seller) and you apply it there or you can call up telecharge and give them that coupon number.

You can get a deal for pretty much most of the non-hit shows from that site.

As for TKTS, you'd still find some good deals even if you go late when the line is gone....I remember seeing an Avenue Q and Caine Mutiny (it's first week out) about 45 minutes before showtime (having no line) a while ago.

One caveat -- the Disney shows and Wicked use

As for non-theater stuff late at night -- you could walk around the West Village and eat at a hole in the wall there (Mamoud's and Khati rolls are my favorites); go to a show at the Planetarium (at the Museum of Natural History) which I feel is really can't miss; walk across the Brooklyn Bridge (much easier and safer than it you might feel and something to give you a can't miss New York feel), of course, go up Empire (I think they're open late).....

Good luck and have fun while you're here. New York is really a lot more friendly than people give it credit for too. :)
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The TKTS line moves really fast (you wouldn't wait for more than an hour or two, especially if you got there early), and at least part of the money from ticket sales goes to support the Theatre Development Fund. I wouldn't be scared of it.

Most Broadway (and many off-Broadway shows) have rush or lottery policies, which you can read about for each show on This listing is always kept up to date and can be trusted. A lot of shows stagger their pre-show lotteries, so you could plan it out to go to one right after another. Some of them (especially Wicked) are very crowded, but somebody has to win the chance to buy the $25 tix, and it could be you! I find the waiting around with other theatre dorks to be lots of fun.
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Response by poster: I just bought tickets for two shows from telecharge using the discount codes! Thanks, skepticallypleased!

(For the idly curious, I'm going to Red Light Winter and Avenue Q)

Any further tips for 'things for young women to do alone at night' would still be appreciated!
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It's not the best idea for young women to go out alone at night around here doing nightlife things. Sure, in Manhattan the streets are relatively safe, but stuff does happen. And you'd be at risk by hitting the bar scene without proper escort. You'd be best hooking up with some people who might guide you to events/places and keep you company.

There are tons of events going on all the time. What do you like to do as far as entertainment goes? I can give more focused suggestions if I know what you're into.
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Response by poster: brianvan, what makes you say going out alone is a risk, moreso than going out in, say, 'scary big city toronto', where i'm from? Are you just talking about "unwelcome advances from men" type things (stuff that most women know how to deal with, and falls into the 'nuisance' category), or are you actually trying to tell me that I'm going to get raped on the way to the bathroom? (Seems highly unlikely.) Please explain! (I do plan on taking cabs, not the subway or walking, when I'm out at night though.)

As far as entertainment goes, I'm already going to plays for two of my three nights, so for my third (thursday) I guess i'd like just like to do something different! (Most of my 'night time entertainment' at home is usually... going to bars or clubs or lounges.) Maybe a mellow live music place where I won't feel weird being alone? The Living Room was suggested to me... what do you think?
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Best answer: Some quick ways to explore non-theater options:

Check out the nyc list at for a listing of some events next week (a bit music heavy, but has other things, as well).

When it's updated on Tues, see what's recommended at Flavorpill's NYC recs.

The Morning News has a non-expert guide.
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I suggest going not to the main TKTS kiosk in Times Square where the lines are huge and go to the TKTS at the South Street Seaport. The one time I went there, there was no line at all.

From their web page: TKTS Lower Manhattan Theatre Center at South Street Seaport ( the corner of Front and John Streets, the rear of the Resnick/Prudential Building at 199 Water Street )
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Best answer: It's not the best idea for young women to go out alone at night around here doing nightlife things.

Uhhhhh - what? Kololo please ignore this. Unless you are a total idiot or have the word victim stamped on your head, you'll be fine. This city is chock full of young single women who manage to wander around successfully without escorts.

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To see something musical in a comfortable setting, check out these venues:
The Cutting Room
The Blue Note
Joe's Pub

I also agree with the suggestion for The Living Room, and flavorpill is an excellent resource. You may also want to browse Gothamist to check out events (although it won't be of much use until the actual day you'll be out and about).

New York is no better or worse than Toronto for crime, and if you just want to go out for one night for something other than an all-night binge, you'll be safe heading out on your own.

For anyone else that might browse this thread about NYC, some words of caution about personal safety: be REALISTIC. Some of the best spots in town for barhopping are also not the safest spots, and some are quite out-of-the-way. You could easily get lost in a bad neighborhood here. The crime rates are generally low, but it still pays to be smart and not take chances.

Keep in mind there's a huge difference between heading out alone in the daytime here in tourist-friendly areas of NYC, and going barhopping alone at night in a strange part of town.

No, you likely won't get raped in the bathroom, however there was a recent high profile murder here not too long ago, where a 24-year-old law student (spending the last part of her evening alone after earlier meeting with friends) was raped, killed and dumped in a field in the outer boroughs. They think that a bouncer at her last bar stop was the culprit. This happened in Soho, a fairly "safe" area of town where you just may end up going out yourself. This sort of thing is very rare here, but it's still best to be careful.

Plus, hanging out with locals means that you won't be left lonely. Also, with their advice, you'll avoid bars that are boring, charge too much money, and are full of awful people. Travel guides for nightlife will direct you straight to the most insufferable bars in the city (full of the "nuisance" type guys you mentioned earlier), but regular, down-to-earth people who live in this city know where to find the better stuff. So it's not just advice for safety, it's also advice for having a good time.
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Kololo said she's already not that into the bar/club scene, so it doesn't sound like it's going to be a problem. Bringing up the Imette St. Guillen murder has absolutely no relevance here. And Imette *was* out with friends out that night, so.....

You'll be fine going out alone at any time of night, Kololo, as long as you don't get drunk or go into neighborhoods where there aren't a lot of people around. Exploring the city alone can be magical- don't let brianvan's advice scare you into only going out with other people. I took several solo trips to NYC before moving here, and had a ball.
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(and p.s. your theatre choices sound awesome, Kololo!)
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Kololo's from Toronto, so I'm sure she knows how to handle herself in an urban environment. Most areas of NYC are safe enough that you don't really have to worry much about travelling through in the evening time.

But do be careful if you go out alone late at night, especially if you're drinking. Most of the bad stories I've heard are things that happened to young people at 4am after a full night of drinking. That said, you don't seem to be the type to go on an all-night binge, Kololo, so you'll probably be very safe. The nightclubs and events listed above are quite calm (no heavy drinking or drugs) and have activities and events that are usually done by midnight-1am, which is as safe a time as any to travel in NYC.
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Thanks for the question! My Dad is coming to visit in a week, and we talked about doing the theater thing.
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I'd honestly consider checking out the Brooklyn scene. Park Slope and Williamsburg both are extremely cool. As a teenager who fell in love with Manhattan at age 11 (damnable Long Island), I'm starting to really enjoy Brooklyn, theres also great concerts there. I'm actually living in Brooklyn this summer...I'd check out the "Celebrate Brooklyn" concert series, which are for the most part free, and outdoors in a gorgeous venue (Prospect Park Bandshell).
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the great advice, everyone! I'm going to try and check out some of those 'low key live music type places'; and you're right - i'm definitely not the the type to go on an all night drinking binge in relatively unknown city by myself! I'm more visualising me nursing one or two beers and then back to the hotel by midnight! (Gotta get a good nights sleep before all that walking I'm going to do during the day!)

Weaponsgradecarp, I was going to spend some time in Brooklyn during the day - take the subway there, walk on the Promenade, tour some galleries and stuff, and go for lunch (or brunch) in williamsburg. And then, of course, walk back over the bridge, which appears to be tourist-mandatory, practically. Any advice for a good brooklyn lunch spot??
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