Mystery Contact Lenses
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Help me identify these contact lenses, allegedly Cooper Vision Frequency One Dailies!

I'm trying out a new type of daily lens, so my optometrist gave me a few pairs to try for the next week, telling me that they're Cooper Vision Frequency One Dailies (I'm sure they were Frequency and not Focus, because he made a point of mentioning I'd tried Frequency 14-day lenses in the past).

I usually buy my lenses online, so I came home to find the best price. My normal place - who does sell Cooper Vision lenses - didn't list Frequency One. So I tried other online retailers... still nothing. Then I headed for and even they don't list them! The Australian site only mentions Biomedics dailies, and the USA site doesn't appear to list *any* dailies. Huh?

So I beg you, fellow Mefites... from the pictures below, what brand and model are these lenses? Are they truly Cooper Vision Frequency One Dailies? If so, can I buy them online and where from (preferably an Australian site)?


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I should also add that my optometrist mentioned they had a deal with the manufacturer and were offering the lenses at a discount... this could imply the lenses are new (possibly needing promotion) and therefore not yet widely sold? Plausible?
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They are definatly biomedic one days, made by cooper vision.
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To clarify, I have no doubt about the make and model of these lenses as I work at an opticians (in the UK) and have a box of them in front of me now.
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Thank you john_son!
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