Help me not have to write this myself.
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Is there anything less awful than Gallery for photo gallery software?

I've been using Gallery for a couple years and it's driving me crazy. I don't want to think in a strict hierarchy, I want tags.

Tags, multi-tag queries, customizability (sizes, view order, colors, etc), and a convenient uploading / resizing system are what I want. I'd love the ability to reorganize without breaking old URLs with gallery, but with tags it doesn't matter so much.

I don't care about a lot of gallery's features; comments, email tracking changes,

I've looked around, I've asked around, I've considered writing this myself. I'd rather pay $100 than write it myself though, so don't rule out not-free software.

Please don't suggest services; I want to host my pictures myself.
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I think you've answered your own question already.
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If it doesn't exist and you do write it yourself, please post it to projects. I want this too.
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Response by poster: cellphone: I did? could you summarize my answer, because I can't see it from this side of things.
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Just a joke about the lack of decent photo gallery scripts out there. What version of Gallery are you using?
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Response by poster: I'm using Gallery 1, but 2 still doesn't support tags, which is my primary complaint.
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ExpressionEngine, a blogging CMS, comes with a photo gallery in the personal license edition.

They have a 30 day demo for $10, which counts against a later purchase.

More specific questions about it ? Ask in the pre-sales forum.
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Oh yeah, the personal license costs $100.
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Stop Design set up some photo gallery templates you could use or adapt for your own customizations. And the MT 3.3, the newest version currently in beta but only a week or so from being released, supports tags as well as categories.
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I don't know if it has tags, but have you checked out Coppermine? It seems fairly full featured.
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Response by poster: Brandon Blatcher: Okay, I asked in the ExpressionEngine forum. They said "nope, it doesn't use tags to sort photos", which is my main source of dissatisfaction with Gallery. I'm also wary of a gallery which is basically a checklist item as far the developer is concerned.

lekvar: Coppermine has keywords, which seem close and maybe I could bend them into doing what I want. But it still primarily thinks of things as being hierarchical.

Keep the suggestions coming, folks! I had not found either of these in my previous search. Hopefully the next one will be exactly what I want! :D
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ZenPhoto is pretty good. Though it doesn't do everything you want.

(Or everything I want: they've been promising sub-album support for months and months after finally realising that all the people requesting it weren't crazy. Dicks.)
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you might try building on these plug-ins for Wordpress: Taggerati or Ultimate Tag Warrior. If you can get that working the way you like, there are lots of Wordpress Gallery extensions, I believe.
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I like folderblog. It's simple, clean, and file-based so you don't need to run a database. Uploading is convenient. It doesn't have tags exactly; it has categories, but you can add each photo to multiple categories so they're effectively the same.

The downsides: it doesn't do resizing, doesn't have multiple sizing, and the categories aren't exactly tags.
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You can press the file system into service to do tagging. Each tag is a directory full of links to all the photos that have that tag.

I use this trick to organize my own photos using Windows Explorer (the links are just Windows shortcuts in this case) because I hate every piece of personal photo-organizing software I've ever used.

You might be able to do something similar server-side, using symlinks.
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I use Arles Image Web Page Generator for all of my web design clients who want a gallery. Highly recommended.
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