Cbr & Dvd Players
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Are there portable dvd players that can read cbr files?
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Do you mean "Is there a portable DVD player that will play Divx files with constant bit rate audio tracks?"
posted by nomisxid at 2:10 PM on June 16, 2006

I really don't think Divx and CBR are related.

If there were such a dvd player, that would be hella pimptified.
posted by sonofsamiam at 2:18 PM on June 16, 2006

Well, some DVD players will play zipped folders of images, if you mean basically CBR as RAR renamed, like CBZ is ZIP renamed. I don't know if RAR is supported, though.
posted by luriete at 2:32 PM on June 16, 2006

Sounds unlikely.

There are portable DVD players that read .JPEG (and maybe some other) image files though.

A .cbr file is a big bunch of image files in an archive. What you might be able to do is extract the images, copy them to a disk and view them on a portable DVD player that way.
posted by TheophileEscargot at 2:35 PM on June 16, 2006

RAR will be unlikely to be supported as it is covered by more stringent licensing than ZIP.
posted by sonofsamiam at 2:54 PM on June 16, 2006

You could look into buying a tablet pc and reading .cbr/.cbz from an actual Comic Book Viewer app.

It was written using Borland C++ Builder 5.0 and has been tested under Windows 98, NT 4, 2000 and XP Tablet.
posted by lilnemo at 3:47 PM on June 16, 2006

You might be able to unzip/unrar each comic file into a directory and navigate it like that. Or you may need to convert them into a photocd format that your player reads.
posted by stavrogin at 6:59 PM on June 16, 2006

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