iPaq hw6945 release date?
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When can I get a Hewlett-Packard iPaq model hw6945, for SF/Bay Area use?

HP's website just says 'Summer 2006,' which is not really a very firm commitment. The prototypes are out there and getting tested and reviewed; Global Locate has already deployed and tested the new GPS chipset that the machine uses, which is my main reason for wanting this particular iteration of the iPaq line.

Comments on where or how I should obtain the device are welcome as well. People who want to critique the choice of device are welcome too; bear in mind that I wanted a single device that can act as cell phone, PDA/organizer, pocket PC, web browser, camera, and newest-generation GPS.
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Those dates are very loose - especially with HP. The phone will come out first in Europe so you'll have to import it through Expansys.com. Check the Pocket PC section of Howardforums.com for the most up-to-date news/info.

As for your all-in-one dream device.... Don't expect the battery to last you more than a couple hours with moderate usage & 3/4 of the day with normal to light usage.

Right now - reply to your post - I'm using the HTC Prophet (Aka: Imate Jamin, Qtek s200, Dopod 818Pro) and it's beyond incredible! Small form factor, Clear 2.0 MP camera, Edge, Wifi, Quad-Band Gsm.... I use my BT GPS with it and I'm more than happy that it's not built into my phone, so it doesn't drain the battery.

You can get the Qtek s200 branded ver. of the phone for $539 from the best PPC seller out there: Madmonkeyboy.com.

Good luck!
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