where to get breast/milk cup?
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Breast Feeding Filter: 32 years ago, (1974),when I was pregnant, I discovered, in the Whole Earth Catalog, a wonderful device called a 'breast cup' or 'milk cup'. It was plastic, shaped like a hollow ball wth a circular hole on side, with that side pressed in so the space was fairly narrow. I wore it on one side while nursing on the other, especially early on, - I caught the leaked milk,

and I could freeze the milk for night time feedings done by my husband, which saved my sanity. Later I expressed, but this was great for early on. Can't find a source, or even the name.

I think La Leche League carried them in those days, but I can't find it on their site. All I found with Google and searching Mefi were cups for breast pumps. This was wonderful for me, and I want to find one for my daughter-in-law. Any information, ideas?
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Judy, I am 99% sure my wife has an answer to this question. I will email her and let you know what she has to say!
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Best answer: Do you mean a Breast Shell?
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When my wife and I were getting ready for our babies, our Midwife gave us the Moonflower catalog. Looks like they're under a new name, and it also looks like their web site doesn't show anything like you describe. However, they're probably the closest vender you're likely to come by when looking for this sort of thing. They certainly had what you're talking about when we were busy with the whole baby scene (about 13 years ago)
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Best answer: Here is what mrs. richat had to say:

"As far as I know, those are not available. Maybe if you looked on the web, but I think what has sort of replaced them is a breast shell (not a breast shield). Here is a picture of Avent's version. They should be available at Sears. I used them and they work pretty well, especially to collect colostrum while I was engorged."

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Hope that is of some help!
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If anyone knows about this, it would be the posters at Mothering.com.

I know I've seen or read references to this in old copies of Kitzinger or "The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding", but I've not seen any modern commercial product like this. If it exists, someone at Mothering.com will know where to find it.
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Response by poster: WOW! The breast shell looks like a very similar product to what I had. Thank you all! I don't know how I could have found it without you. Any more feedback is welcome - especially from users.

I am Sooo grateful for Mefi.
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I had something like those, and have seen them in Babies-R-Us not so long ago.
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I used one when my daughter was born three years ago. I loved them, but they did not catch much milk. If I remember correctly, there were different brands, some could hold more milk than others. The user's manuals warned against using the milk (they are not meant for saving milk, they are meant for sore nipples), but my local breastfeeding support group said it was fine if you do not keep them in all day and then at the end of the day store the milk in the fridge, but of course you wouldn't do that.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the reminder, davar, about only short term milk collecting for saving, that is certainly what I did. Sounds like a little research on brands will help - so far, I have only seen Avent. But at least I have the current term to use.
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