Panoramics and Photostitching
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What is the most impressive flash-based panoramic image web script? And as a secondary question, anyone have an idea of the best photostitching software?
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Autostitch is a cracking image stitcher. I am proud to be able to say I was actually in the audience at ICCV 2003 when one of the first papers was presented. (M. Brown and D. G. Lowe. Recognising Panoramas. In Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV2003), pages 1218-1225, Nice, France, 2003 )
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another vote for autostitch
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Third vote for autostitch
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Autostitch, autostitch, autostitch. I took a bunch of random photos of my living room (all from the same location, more or less), threw em at autostitch in random order, and it came out with a brilliant panoramic image. I'm not sure what you mean by "flash-based panoramic image web script" though. Do you mean a flash app for displaying panoramic images?
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Response by poster: What about web scripts for panormaic images tho?!
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Response by poster: sorry - yes I mean a flash app for displaying panoramic images...
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(Another vote for autostitch. The UI could be a bit better, but its functionality is 100%.)
What do you mean by flash app for displaying panoramic images? Do you want something that functions like IPIX or Quicktime VR? (Neither of which are Flash-based, so those aren't answers, per se.)
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Do you perhaps mean Zoomify, which lets you navigate around images that are larger than the screen? I've only ever used it in conjunction with pathological slides (see, for example virtual pathology at leeds where i used to work). It's a little clunky.
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Messed up the link there, sorry: Virtual pathology
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I haven't used Autostitch (I'm on a mac), but you will have a lot of trouble beating Realviz Stitcher.
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I've been using AutoPano Pro, which has both Mac and Windows versions. I believe that it's based on the Autostitch algorithm. Very impressive results. The Mac version is still in beta, and doesn't look very Mac-like.
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PhotoStitch came with my Canon PowerShot A95, and I've been perfectly happy with it (this guy seems to dig it, too). I can't find a decent product information page for it, but they do make it for Windows and Macintosh. And I found out, while researching it for this, that it can save as Quicktime VR, too. I'll have to check out Autostitch, though, since so many people here dig it.
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