Buying three of everything and the fine art of imposing permanence on the fashion world
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Any stores that specialize in designer fashion from 1-2-3-4 years ago? (shoes, jeans, all of it!).

I've grown attached to certain shoe styles and certain pant styles over recent years and am always dissapointed when they wear out and am unable to repurchase the same model. I could go for novelty, and I do, but all the same, would love to find: circa 2002 grey futuristic Royal Elastic shoes. Green leather Gravis shoes from 2004. Dark brown cargo pants with lots of zipper pockets from 55DSL (2004). Grey pocketless button up shirts from Diesel (2002). Energie jeans from 2001. Etc.

Oh yeah and before anyone says it: Ebay is no help!!! It tends towards current season and a bit of last season.
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If you are in the US, sometimes you can find styles from years past at marshalls or tj max.
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Consignment shops?
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Yeah I checked out bluefly, I'll keep an out for tj max and marshalls. I've only recently come to the US, but Canada wasn't much better. Was sort of hoping the labels themselves had some sort of back stock. We can buy past issues of magazins, would be well wicked to be able to get past models of clothing and shoes we grew fond of. Disclaimer: all this is just an elaborate way of saying the 2006 season is meh.

Thanks guys.
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Outlet stores and outlet malls either carry irregular clothing from the current season, or clothing from a few seasons behind. Granted, they tend to carry only one season behind (you would prolly find spring & summer '05), but the crappier the store, the better chances you have of getting something a few seasons' past.
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Here's the thing; seems like you're looking for the "long tail" of fashion. I mean, if your favorite item was truly an iconic original, like, say, 1985 Jordans, Addidas shell-toes, or Levis 501s, then they would either be available on the secondary market or they would (eventually) be remade by the company for all of the ironic hipsters. But the shoes you mention are just outside of that upper echelon, but they're obviously toward the top 1,000 shoes of every shoe ever made (i.e., not *way* down the long tail). I doubt you'll ever find these items again, except by happenstance. You *might* find them at a thrift store where people like you (and liked the same stuff as you) would have donated their stuff. But who would have this stuff in stock? Who would have enough pairs of those specific shoes that it would make sense to sell them via some channel?

Lots of unsold clothes eventually go over to Africa and Asia. I bet a guy in Uganda is wearing some gray royal elastic shoes right now -- he doesn't know how good he's got it!
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Plato's Closet is a resale shop that specializes in brand name clothes. I went there looking for a purse for the wife and it seemed to have what you're looking for. Not sure where you are, but they appear to be all over the U.S.
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