How to kill time in Montreal...
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I'm doing a totally crazy trip to Montreal next week and need some advice form residents of the fair city.

It will be my first trip to Montreal and I really don't know what to do to kill time between my 6:30am arrival at STATION CENTRALE and the book reading I'm going up for that starts at 1:00pm in the vicinity of the intersection of Rue Ste-Catherine O and Rue St-Marc. Any suggestions? Bonus points for an excellent Sushi restaurant in the area that will be open by no later than 11:30am for lunch.

I'm leaving again that night at 10:20pm and have plans after the book reading so no suggestions for afternoon/evening stuff.
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The metro in montreal is quite simple and fast (or in obscure local vernacular, the tro she's fast) so if you want to try tourism you can get over to the olympic stadium and go for a nice walk in the botanical gardens or spend a few hours in old montreal walking along the canal.

The great thing is that if you don't mind some walking your 20-30 mins from the plateau (parc, st-laurent, st-denis) where you can cruise the boutiques, hit the cafes, or hang out on the mountain.

Highly recommend stocking up on the famous st-viateur bagels at st-viateur and parc.

But really it's all about montreal @ night and as you have that covered...
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Highly recommend stocking up on the famous st-viateur bagels at st-viateur and parc.

Likewise, but as a New Yorker I was confused by them until I realized they only come alive when toasted.
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Bagels have to be eaten within the first couple of hours, ideally the first hour. After that they can be toasted for a day or so. Then you have to get more.
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zadcat: are you talking Montreal bagels? Because they are different. (To my mind they always need toasting, even right out of the wood fired oven.)
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Heh, heh, just checked you profile. Nevermind.
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strip club. Club super sexx.
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Foufounes Électriques great "punk" club

Kama sutra great strip club

Katsura excellent sushi etc

514) 849-1172

Schwartz's Montreal smoked meat " touristy "

For the next expedition ( see below)

If you want a really good club for dancers take the last turn off on the 401 before you enter Ontario.Head south and you will find it ,shades of Amsterdam !!!
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For an excellent strip club, Wanda's.
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Sounds like you're going to see Wil Wheaton. I wish I was in Canada, I'd totally go see him! I second the botanical garden at the Olympic Stadium, if you get a chance. But I'm kinda a zoo nerd. :)
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Actually, if you're going to go out to the Olympic Stadium & you like bugs, I'd go for the Insectarium. Best entymological place ever.
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Montreal sushi is by no means great. We just aren't close enough to the ocean. However, we have a disproportionate number of great restaurants, so you might be ultimately more satisfied looking something other than sushi.
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Antifuse found me out. Bugs and plants sounds good. Maybe I'll check them out. I may also end up staying until sun morning so maybe I'll get to some of those strip clubs too.
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