Lube (Astroglide) allergy?
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Lube (Astroglide) allergy?

Problem: Masturbating with lube (astroglide) = terrible burning when urinating for 30 minutes afterwards.

Question: Is this a 'stop using Astroglide' sort of thing or a 'go see a doctor' sort of thing? I've already been tested for STDs and UTIs. Anyone else experienced this?
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Have you tried other lubes?
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It's a "try not to get any inside ya" kind of thing. It's probably not an allergy; you're probably just chemically sensitive. I get an uncomfortable burning when urinating after I use any kind of chemical lubricant -- or even if I get some soap inside me when washing. I don't think it's an issue. But I'm not a doctor.
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How old is the bottle? Perhaps it's contaminated? Get a new one and see if it still occurs.
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I would try silicone-based instead, pjur is good.
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If it's just masturbation -- i.e., nothing where you are wearing a latex condom and worrying about the condom breaking -- why not try an oil-based lube? Elbow Grease and Wet have varieties. Or try Albolene, a cleansiing cream from the drugstore -- it is petroleum-based, melts at skin temperature, and it is great!

And for us old-school guys, remember Crisco, with many uses...
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We don't know if anonymous is male or female. If female, petroleum-based can cause many *nasty* infections.

There are other things that could be the problem other than STDs, like irritation of the urethra. You may want to see a physician.

I would change lubes and see if the problem resolves. Or abstain, and see if the problem gets better while waiting to get into the doctor's office.

This is not medical advice, YMMV.
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Try other lubes. I'm female and I went through five before I found one (then another!) that didn't, um, cause unpleasant burning sensations. If you don't want to be that guy in the drugstore comparing brands, look at a webpage that will let you look at the lists of ingredients, like Eventually you'll find one that doesn't suck. If you're female (or not) and prone to yeast, the O'my brand seems to help a bit - the hemp in it is supposed to inhibit infection - and it's got fewer chemical ingredients than most brands.
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why not try an oil-based lube?

Comparatively much more digusting to wash off, for one.

You may have a very low-level UTI that isn't showing up. I had one for a couple years (!) with similar symptoms--slight burning every now and then. Went to the doctor many times during that period, eventually tried Cipro, and it cleared up instantly.
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and it's got fewer chemical ingredients than most brands.

Sorry to pick nits cobaltnine, but it it's ingredients are not chemical, then what are they? Light? Energy? Happy thoughts?
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Coconut oil is a divine personal lubricant if you aren't worried about breaking down latex. Doesn't dry up like astroglide. And because it isn't petroleum based it is fairly easy to clean up.
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If you're female, be sure to urinate before masturbating (or engaging in any sexual activity involving your genitals). This eliminates a lot of the possibility of painful urination/UTI resulting from bacteria being introduced up into the urethral opening.
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Actually, if anon. is female, urinate *after* masturbation. Just like after sex. That way you flush the bacteria that might have been massaged into the urethra out.
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Okay, lab-created nasty-sounding polymers. Fewer chemically-seeming chemicals versus hippy plant extracts.

Hempseed oil and seed extracts 'seem less chemical [in common parlance (which I shouldn't be using because that's too common)]' than polyquaternium 15.

Hell, I get a skin reaction to only certain brands of adhesive bandages; people react funny to seemingly inert things. You just need to remove as many of them as possible, and when most of the products of a certain type on the market contain the same chemicals, you want to switch them out for others when possible. But IANAC, so whatever.
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Anon, I can't really go trolling for this right now, but I remember a discussion on Dan Lyke's where someone discussed their own astroglide sensitivity and the viable alternative they had already implemented. I would search for the word astroglide over there.
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Ok, found the relevant Flutterby post for certified organic lube.
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